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Cadoza-James Binding Company

Cahan, Andrew, Photography Books

Calgon, supplier of chemicals for papermaking

California Cornerstones, Bancroft Library

California Museum of Photography

caligraphy, World Wide Scribe

Calligraphy Collective, Chicago

Calligraphy, Rand Calligraphy and Bookarts Club

Calligraphy, Typography and.. Jay Sekora

Calligraphy, Vellum Gallery

Canadian Bookbinders and Bookartists Guild

Cardinal, Isabelle


Caslon, William

Castle Paper & Press

Cathedral Library Catalogues

Cave Dogs' Letterpress

Celtic Cross Press

Center for Book Arts

Center for Bookarts

Center for Creative Photography, Tucson

Center for the Book, Alaska

Center for the Book, Colorado

Center for the Book, Idaho

Center for the Book, Iowa

Center for the Book, Minnesota

Center for the Book, Missouri

Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America

Chapman, The art of Amelia Chapman, handmade paper

Chapple, David

Chapter One Books

Charbo Antiquarian Bookdealer

Charing Cross Road Bookshop

Charles V, The Age of

Charta Book Company

Chax Press

Chevalier de la Charette

Chicago Calligraphy Collective


Cicero, Sarabande's typographic history

Claessson, Ulrik

Clapp, Margaret Clapp Library, Wellesley College

Clements Library

The Clique

Collage Studio, Papermaking

Coach House Press

Codex Arundel

Codex Hammer

Colonna Project

Colophon Page Gallery

The Colophon Bookshop

Colorado Center for the Book

Compuserve's site for bookcollectors


Cor Knops, Dutch Hand Bookbinder

Cotsen Children's Library, Princeton, Andrea Immel

Cournoyer. Neil Cournoyer, bookdealer

Creative Photography Art Center Maine

Curdy, Michael bookillustrator

Curious Kiwi Books

Cushing Library

Daguerreian Society

David Hull's Typography Hotlist

Davis, Richard

Dealers specialized in Books-on-Books

Deanna Ramsay

Decker Bookbinder, Germany

Deiss, David, Elysium Letterpress Book Publisher

Deja View, dealers in cartography

Denver Bookbinding Company, Inc.

Deutsche Buchkunst

Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum der Deutschen Bücherei Leipzig

De Kloof Bookseller Amsterdam

Delaware, University of, Library

Deneyer, Marc, Photographies

Denlinger, Scott, German Library Project

Department of Geography, University Berne

Derbylius, Bookdealer, Futirism, Avantgarde

Design. The Netherlands Design Institute

Dieu Donne Papermill

Digital Catalogue Project

Digital design: TechnoFace

Digital Letterpress, Austin

Dinsmore, John, Photography Books

Donk, Jan van der

Dorothy Sloan-Rare Books auctions

Doyle. William Doyle Galleries, Auction House

Dry Frio Bindery

Dscriptorium, Medieval Manuscripts

Duke Papyrus Archive

Dupont, Russell, Bookdealer

Dutch bookbinder, Cor Knops

the Dysart Memorial Collection

Earth Sciences and Map Library, Berkeley

Eastman. George Eastman House

Susan Eaton Books

Ediciones Vigia


Edward Clark Collection, Edinburgh

Ehime Handmade Paper

Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project

Electronic Text Center, Virginia University Library

Electronic Text Centre, Early American Fiction

Elliott Press, Pacific Lutheran University

Elysium Davis Deiss, Letterpress book publisher

Emigre, digital type foundry

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz

Erasmus Haus der Buecher

ETH-Bibliothek Kartensammlung

Evanescent Press

Everson Gunn Teoranta


Fabian, Nicholas

The Family Album, Rarities of the Day, Ron Lieberman

Feuchtwanger Memorial Library, University of Southern California

Fiber and Pulp, another file where you can find Fiber and Pulp

Fine Arts Guide at the Mining Company

Finders Keepers Out of Print Book Search for Libraries

Fine Press Bookshop

Fine Printing, Modern

Finger Lakes Photo Books

Finland 500 years on the map of Europe

Fireproof Press

Firmin-Didot, Societe des Anciens textes Francais

Fonts, My Humble World o' fonts, Better living through typography

Fore-Edge painting

Format: Manuscripts, Library of Congress


Rodger Friedman Antiquarian Books

Friends of Dard Hunter

Friends of the Museum of Printing

General Bookbinding, Stanford University Library

German Library Project, Scott Denlinger

Gilbert, Bennet Rare books

Ginest & Gross, Bookbinders

Misha Gordin

Gogh. Van Goghmuseum

Goulet, Etienne

Gouey, Dennis, Bookbinding

Gowen, Mac

Graham, Peter, Rutgers University

Granary Books

Graphic Arts and Graphic Artists

Graphic Artists: Erik van Blokland

Graphic Artists: Glenn Rice

Graphic Artists: Jim Spiri

Graphic Arts, International School, Il Bisonte, Florence, Italy

Graphic Design, Museum fuer Gestaltung Switzerland

Graphion, on-line type museum

Great Northwest Bookstore

Green Dolphin Press

Guild of Book Workers

Gurley, Jason

Gustavson, Stefan

Gutenberg Books

Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany

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