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Hall, Michael, Graphic designer

Hall of Printing and Graphic Arts

Handel, Mark, Web O Rama

Handmade Parchment and Vellum

Handmade Paper, University of Iowa

Hartman, Charles, Bookdealer specialized in photography

Hearst Mining Collection of Views by Watkins

Hensel, Susan, Bookartist

Heritage Map Museum, auctions

Heritage Map Museum Booksearching>

Hersey, John

Hewit, J, Bookbinders

Hilarius, Bookbinder

Hill Monastic Manuscript Library

Hispanic Section BL: Ediciones Vigia

History of Art, Birkbeck College, University of London

History of Buff's Homepage

History of Cartography, University Wisconsin

History of Photography by Robert Leggat

History of Printing

History, Bibliography and History of the Book

History, Division History Book and Library History, Un.of Lund

History, Library, University of Lund

Holden Arboretum, classes in rare books

Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist

Homer, David, Miniature Books

John and Allison Brebner HOMEPRINT

Horizon Books

Hot metal Homepages

Hot Pictures, Russian Photo Gallery on-line

Hotel des Encans, Auctions

Hull, David, Typography Hotlist

Human Figure in Motion, Eadweard Muybridge

Hunt, Shane

Hunter, Friends of Dard Hunter

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, Colonna Project

Ibis, The Book Arts

ICOM, International Committee of Museums

Idaho Center for the Book

Idaho, University, Bookarts, Bookblock

Idiolect, Artists Books

Ikon Gallery

Il Bisonte, International School of Graphic Arts

Image Catalogue, Bodleian Library

Immel, Andrea, Cotsen Children's Library

Imprint, The Imprint Society Reading

In Aedibvs Aldi, Aldus Manutius

Information Conservation, Inc. Bookbinding

Internet Book Information Center

Interesting Places for Kids on the WWW


International Directory of Art Libraries

Internet Art-Resources

Internet Roadmap to Books

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts

Iowa, University, Prairie Paper Project

Ishill, Joseph and the Oriole Press

Isogai, Akira, Paper scientist


Jack Vance, Maske: Theary

JAFFE, Lewis Jaffe

James Ford Bell Historical Maps

James Joyce's Ulysses, complete text

Janus Books

Jesuits and the Sciences

Jewish Libraries, AJL: Assoc. of Jewish Libraries

Joconde, French art database

Jones on Bookbinding

Joseph Ishill and the Oriole Press

JP Books

Jyera's Photographic Paradise

Kallitype, L'Invitation au Voyage

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums

Kartensammlung und Globenmuseum, Austria

Kathuria, Paola, Marbling

KBC On-Line Bookstore List

KELLS, Book of Kells

Ken Lopez - Bookseller

KEZ, Kez van Oudheusden

Ellen Kieffer

Kilion, Tom, and the Quail Press

King Library Press

Kloof, de. Bookseller Amsterdam

Knops, Cor, Dutch Hand Bookbinder

Kolodni, Bookbinder

Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Krepps Bookbinding

Laboratory Virtual Photography Galleries

labyrinth, medieval studies

Leeds database of Manuscripts English Verse

Legacy Art & Bookworks


Letterpress Book Publisher, Elysium David Deiss

Letterpress Printers, Resources for

Letterpress Printing, Living Museum of

Letterpress Printing, Textfile

Letterpress, Cave Dog

Leuschke, Rob, graphic design

LIBCAT, online library catalogues

Librairie Bat d'Argent

Libraries, Part I

Library & Related Resources

Library Exhibitis on the Web

Library History, University Lund

Library On-Line Catalogues with Webbed Interfaces

Libreria Gozzini

Rarities of the Day, Ron Lieberman

Lilliput Press

Lilly Library Pop-Up Books

Lindisfarne Gospels

Lipscombe, Chris, Bookbindingpage

Little Farm Press

Living Museum of Letterpress Printing

Long's-Roullet Bookbinders

Josée Van Loon

Ken Lopez - Bookseller

Louis, Bookbinder

Lund University, History of Book and Library History

M.F.A.Bookarts University of Alabama

LUCAS; Robert F. Lucas Antiquarian Books

LUST, graphic design

Magazine, Typofile

Magna Carta


Mailingslists related to books

Maire, Muriel, Bookbinding

Manuscript Collection National Library Australia

Manuscript Images

Manuscripts with Music

Manuscripts, Dscriptorium, Medieval

Manuscripts, Hill Monastic Library

Manuscripts, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

Manuscripts, Leeds Database Manuscripts English Verse


Manutius, Aldus Pius Manutius

Manutius, In Aedibvs Aldi

Map Room, Bodleian Library

Marble Arts studio

Marbleized paper, Russ Jones' website

Marbles, Max, Bookbinder

Marc Deneyer, Photographies

Margaret Clapp Library, Wellesley College

Mark Handel Web O Rama

Mary of Burgundy's Book of Hours

Mayapple Press

McKenzie, D.F., the unofficial homepage

Medicine Special Collection, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine

Medieval Book, Workshop technology of

Medieval, Descriptorium Medieval Manuscripts

Melibea, Dedicated to Spanish Culture

MELK. Frans Melk Antiquarian Bookdealer

The Melville Press

Metropolitan Museum

Midwind, Thorbjorn

Miller, Steve. The Book Web

Miller. Laurence Miller Gallery

Minet Frères, Librairie

Miniature Books on-line

The Miniature Book Society, Inc.

Minnesota Center for the Book


Miriam Brown, Bookseller


Misha Gordin

Missouri Center for the Book

Modern fine Printing

Mohr, Marilyn, Bookbinding

Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Montanaro. The Pop-Up World of Ann Montanaro

Moore, Mike

Morris, William

Morrison Books

Mother of All Art History Link Pages

Mothertongue Press

Mount Athos Greek Manuscripts Catalog

Movable Book Society

Museum fuer Gestaltung, Graphic Design, Switzerland

Museum of Modern Art, MOMA, New York

Museum of papermaking

Museum of Printing, the friends of

Museums and Artlinks

Muybridge, Eadweard, The father of motion picture

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