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August 14 1999

Any comments, questions??

Judith Hoffman Book Arts

"This website has a gallery of images of books by Judith Hoffman, and soon to be added: work by her students, also links to visually stimulating websites."

(added August 14)

The Vienna Method

"A method developed in Vienna will help preserve newspapers and printed materials from the last century for readers all around the world in the new millennium."

(added August 14)

Concise History of the British Newspaper Since 1620

" Illustrated by seventeen images from the British Library's unrivalled collections of British newspapers, this new webpage details almost two hundred key dates in the history of British newspaper publishing and the newspaper industry. These range from the publication on 2nd December 1620 in Amsterdam of the first coranto in the English language, to the award by the Heritage Lottery Fund in March 1999 of the largest preservation grant ever made in the UK which was given to NEWSPLAN to fund the preservation microfilming of local newspapers. "

(added August 14)

300 Margaret Armstrong trade bindings

"During her long career, Armstrong designed for a variety of publishing houses, although she worked most frequently for Charles Scribner's Sons and G. P. Putnam. In 1893, the twenty-five-year-old designer won an award for her book covers, which had been exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. And the following year, the Grolier Club published a catalog of book artists that described her as a "designer of great versatility and eminent skill" whose "skill in adapting, combining, and creating designs which are almost flawless in excellence has made her book covers famous."

(added August 14)

Harcourt Bindery

"We are new to the computer age, but have been in business since l900 and are the largest commercial hand bindery in the US working in leather and traditional materials. "

(added August 14)

Miniature Book Society

"The Miniature Book Society, Inc. is an international non-profit organization chartered in 1983 by the State of Ohio. Its purposes are to sustain an interest in all phases of miniature books, to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to serve as a clearing house for information about miniature books."

(added August 14)

Jules Siegel Book Arts

"Right now it mainly consists of pages devoted to my own work. In the near future I will be adding links, information and articles by other writers on subjects such as e-books, books on demand, book-like works by artists, book art, self-publishing and anything else that will be of interest to people who care about the future of books. "
Page by book-artist Jules Siegel

(added August 14)

BoyBeaver Fonts

" The People: Biographical sketches of the people who worked in the field of typography with many samples of their work", and "Their Story: Works that document the history of type design and allied arts, with many synopsis and reviews". "

(added August 14)

Trevor Lloyd's Bindery

"This well illustrated site shows the work of Trevor Lloyd's bindery in Mid Wales, attention to detail, traditional working practises and meticulous craftsmanship has earned him a respectful reputation amongst discerning antiquarian book dealers and collectors "

(added August 14)

The Paper Web

"We specialize in providing archival quality handmade, mouldmade, and machinemade papers for all fine arts and crafts media. Including in these offerings are many well known text and cover papers for book arts as well as Pearl Linen and Kennett bookcloth. We are owned and operated by artists, love paper, and invite your questions and insights concerning paper and paper related topics. "
(added August 14)

The Digital Scriptorium

"Another Berkeley Sunsite, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Digital Scriptorium is a collaborative venture from the Bancroft Library (UC Berkeley) and the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University. Currently containing over 2,000 manuscripts and documents from the eighth through the fifteenth century, the Scriptorium plans to continue adding medieval and early Renaissance manuscripts from the two libraries and also Barnard College, Teachers College, Union Theological Seminary, UC Berkeley's Music Library, the Robbins Collection, and eventually, other institutions in the US and Europe. The current database will be made available when the SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) manuscript description standard is created. At present, users can search the test database. First-time visitors and less Internet-savvy researchers may find the accompanying documentation quite technical and a bit overwhelming, and they will want to devote some extra time to get acquainted with the various searchable fields. Nonetheless, the image quality is excellent and the amount of metadata is impressive. The Digital Scriptorium promises to be an invaluable resource for medieval and renaissance scholars. [TK]
(text Copyright Internet Scout Project, 1994-1999. ) "
(added August 14)

Digital Watermark Archive
Site maintained by Christian Rauber: "Briquet's work remains a standard reference work on European watermarks to the end of the sixteenth century, in spite of some lack of precision, inadequate indexing, the exclusion of the Iberian peninsula, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom from among the areas drawn on for materials. It provides 16.112 tracings of watermarks from 1282 to 1600. The watermark reproductions are classed alphabetically according to the french denominations of the marks. Briquet's names are - as the names given by other filigranologists - often unexpected or illogical. For this reason we propose the use of the new IPH classification, nevertheless reproducing for reference purposes the complete list of the Briquet classes. When using Briquet's commentaries and annotations to the tracings, the reader should consider that he uses the terms 'identical' or 'similar variety' without distinction also for twin marks, defective marks and very similar marks, a classification partly due to the ambiguities of tracings. Scanning and radiography are therefore recommended by IPH as most exact, powerful tools for obtaining correct reproductions of watermarks"
(added August 14)

"Libweb currently lists over 3000 pages from libraries in over 90 countries"
(added August 14)

Austrian Museum of Papermaking

"Österreichisches Papiermachermuseum is another site created by Dieter Freyer who has surprised us before......(only in German)"

(added August 14)

Die Bibliophile Homepage

"Information about manuscripts, incunabula, exlibris etc. in the University Library of Innsbruck, Austria, Europe.
(added April 13)

The Bindery, The Robinson Library, University of Newcastle

"The University Bindery started in the 1940's with a binder called Findley Frasier who conducted minor repairs to the Library's books as well as holding evening classes in Bookbinding in the Department of Fine Art......."
(added April 12)

Savoy Books
"Established in 1971, Savoy Books offers antiquarian books, pamphlets and manuscripts in many fields, specializing in horticulture & agriculture, historical Americana and American & English literature. Our website features a page of recent acquisitions, as well as catalogues on a variety of subjects.
Members of ABAA, ILAB, MARIAB. "
(added April 11)

Paul Orssich Books

Old, rare and out-of-print books.
Includes Central and South America, Philippines, Pyrenees, Andorra and Gibraltar.
Also Spanish Civil War, Peninsular War, Carlist Wars and Bullfighting. "
(added April 10)

Antiquariaat Sigma

"Antiquariaat Sigma was established in 1990. First in Naarden and since two years in a beautiful mansion alongside the Yssel river in the center of Zutphen. We specialize in books on cultural history, geography and ethnography, focussing on South & Middle America. In our shop we sell books of a more general antiquarian interest. We have about 20.000 titles in stock. Our website is being updated regularly and quite frequently you will find new catalogues. "
(added April 9)
Library History Round Table

"The Library History Round Table of the American Library Association exists to facilitate communication among scholars and students of library history, to support research in library history, and to be active in issues, such as preservation, that concern library historians. The Round Table sponsors conferences, publishes a newsletter, and presents the Justin Winsor Prize and the Phyllis Dain Dissertation Award to promote excellence in library history research. This year, LHRT marked its 50th year of library history scholarship and activism. "
(added April 9)

Il Libro Antico

"Il libro antico, by Angela Nuovo, Aldo Coletto e Graziano Ruffini.

Collection of links related to rare book librarianship, history of the book and library history, all over the world. Interesting news about Italian Libraries, such as Digital Projects, online exhibitions and a list of major libraries. The site, form the Faculty of Litterature and Philosophy of the University of Udine, presents also a new e-journal full text version, "Discipline del libro" ".
Only in Italian for the moment.
(added April 7)

The Scottish Centre for the Book

"The Scottish Centre for the Book acts as a focus for research into, scholarship in, and teaching of print culture and the sociology of texts. It hosts seminars and conferences and issues publications relating to the past, present and future of the printed word, its creation, diffusion and reception. "
(added April 5)


"Scrolls selected for this display were produced by students from three classes of "Introduction to Book Arts" offered over a two-year period at Boise State University. Inspired by Ethiopian protective scrolls he had seen in "Art That Heals," a 1997 exhibition at The Museum for African Arts in New York City, the Book Arts instructor assigned students to create their own protective scrolls, scrolls emulating basic layout and design elements of Ethiopian originals.

Students were also required to compose essays chronicling both conception and production of their works.

These scrolls, along with scroll holders, photographs and accompanying essay extracts, are currently at the Boise International Airport Terminal (second-floor lobby) in an exhibit sponsored by the Boise City Arts Commission. "
(added April 5)

Rare Book School 1999

"Rare Book School offers five-day non-credit courses at the University of Virginia on subjects ranging from medieval codicology to modern fine printing. Courses are offered each summer, and occasionally at other times of the year, as well.
Regular faculty members include Christopher Clarkson, Albert Derolez, James Mosley, Paul Needham, Daniel Traister, and Michael Winship. "
(added April 5)

Antiquarian Dictionary in four languages

Antiquarian Dictionary in four languages
3rd edition, compiled by Jelle Samshuijzen.

"Because the trade in antiquarian books is a very international business, I think there is a need for a dictionary with words and phrases connected with antiquarian book and the trade. The only book in this field is, to my knowledge, the Dictionary for the Antiquarian Booktrade edited by Menno Hertzberger and published by the ILAB in 1956. I realize that a book like this can never be complete and perfect and there can be different opinions about how one translates certain words, therefore I would be very pleased with comments, additions and improvements."
(added March 3)

Eine Kleine Papiergeschichte

"Mit diesen wenigen Worten lässt sich ein Werkstoff definieren, der aus unserem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken ist - PAPIER. Papier dient uns als wichtiger Kommunikationsträger, den wir in Form von Zeitungen, Büchern, Briefen, Plakaten, Banknoten etc. täglich nützen. Durch Künstler gestaltetes Papier vermittelt uns Gefühle, Eindrücke und Vorstellungen anderer Menschen: Bilder - gezeichnet, gemalt, gedruckt. Papier ist vielseitig und vielfältig. Über die mehr als 2000 Jahre alte Geschichte dieses Werkstoffes und die Methoden seiner Herstellung berichtet diese

Kleine Papiergeschichte - vom Papyrus zum Papier des 20.Jahrhunderts -
Aus dem Inhalt: frühe Schriftträger, Vorläufer des Papiers, die Erfindung des Papiers, Technologien, Japanisches Papier, von Asien nach Westen, die Papiermühle, der Arbeitsvorgang, Wasserzeichen, Mechanisierung-der Schritt zur Industrie, die moderne Papierindustrie, Zeittafel."
(in german only)
(added March 2)

The Kenneth Willis Clark Collection of Greek Manuscripts

"The Collection of Greek Manuscripts in Duke University Library contains ninety-eight manuscripts -in both roll and codex form- dating from the ninth to the seventeenth century."
(added February 2)

Bohemia Books

"Our main focus is on Literature, Biography, Arts and Humanities. We also have general stock covering most other disciplines including History, Esoterica, Australiana, Science and so on. Our website also includes many literary and cultural links. "
(added February 2)

Evi Parissi Handmarbling

"Marbling is an art, the success of which is very much dependent on the use of color. I first became acquainted with a very simple kind of marbling at a craft fair in Oxford and fell instantly in love with it. This love at first sight lasted long enough to end up in marriage when I finally learnt more about this fascinating art and managed to produce my own marbled papers. What is absolutely fantastic about marbling is that no matter how much control you have gained over it you can never make two sheets of paper alike. Control and luck are there together (although there are times that they are both absent !!!) making a wonderful combination"
(added February 2)

Bibliography of the Hebrew Book

"E.P.I. Electronic Publishing, has opened a website with information concerning the CD ROM of the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book, published by the Institute of Hebrew Bibliography (Mif'al ha-Biliografiya ha-Ivrit) at the Jewish National Library.

The site includes information about the Bibliography, its history, some statistics about the Hebrew Book including a list of the major holdings of Hebrew incunables, and a list of libraries and institutions where the CD ROM edition is available for consultation (about 45 institutions almost equally divided among the USA, Israel and other countries). The newsletters of the EPI, including one that was not previously published and plans for the future projects are also provided. "
(added February 2)

Minotaurus Bookshop

"The minotaurus bookshop started ten years ago as an outlet for "drukkers in the marge", the association of dutch private presses.

Minotaurus Boekwinkel is a small bookshop in Amsterdam specializing in (mostly) new books about books. We sell books about bibliography, bookbinding, history of the book, typography, paper, marbling etc. We also have a small stock of Dutch and foreign private presses."
(added February 2)


"Iron gall ink is arguably the most important ink in Western history. It was known by the Romans and became widely used after the late Middle Ages. Libraries and archives around the globe contain a vast number of manuscripts, documents, official records, and music compositions which were executed in iron gall ink. From the 15th-century onward it was also a popular drawing ink, favored by artists like Rembrandt, Guercino, Lorrain, and Van Gogh.

Over time, depending on the recipe used in manufacture, and the storage conditions of the object, iron gall ink can cause the degradation of paper or other supports. This process is called "iron gall ink corrosion." Turning from blue-black to dark brown, it can actively "eat" its way through to the back of the paper. This can eventually lead to the total loss of the paper wherever the ink was applied. Thus iron gall ink corrosion forms a major threat to our cultural heritage.

The iron gall ink corrosion website was developed to inform collection keepers, conservators, scientists and any other interested parties of ongoing research on all aspects of iron gall ink corrosion. Another major goal is to inform the public on ink corrosion threats.

The site offers detailed information on iron gall ink, ink corrosion, current research, and conservation techniques. Furthermore you will find many examples of corroded drawings and manuscripts, an extensive literature list, ink recipes and a complete transcription of the 16th-century Booke of Secrets.

The iron gall ink corrosion website is a joint initiative of the European Commission on Preservation and Access, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, The Netherlands State Archives and The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage."
(added December 11)

Eleanor's Books' Children's Books Central

"Eleanor's Books' Children's Books Central is a directory of directories for sites related to children's books. It is a place to start for the writers, readers, collectors, illustrators, librarians, teachers, parents, publishers, storytellers and kids. With its many links reached from its well laid out index, a wealth of resources are available even for the general Web surfer.
Purpose is to connect those interested in any aspect of children's books with the resources available on the web. It is not the typical list of favorites with just a link, but each link is reviewed in a sentence or two. And often it is suggested where to go on the linked site to find the desired resource.

What are some highlights of the site? Links are indexed and grouped, so the surfer does not have to wade through links lists searching for their resource be it a used book, library, teaching resource, bookstore, book online, book review, conference site, newsgroup, or publisher.

What is a nice feature of the site? The reference section which links you to on-line dictionaries and encyclopedias, some of the best general directories of the web, and search engine guides to aid you in your surfing."
(added November 11)

ABECEDARIUM: A Guild of Book Workers Exhibit of Members' Work

"Celebrate the alphabet with Abecedarium. This exhibition, now online at the Guild of Book Workers' website, depicting current works by Guild of Book Workers members in binding, letterpress printing, calligraphy, illustration and artists' books. Abecedarium features the collaborative work with binders and calligraphers, binders and printers, binders and illustrators, as well a numerous other combinations. With 40 participants from 17 states and Canada, this exhibition features 38 books and one wall mounted piece, most previously un-exhibited and newly created specifically for Abecedarium. "
(added October 22)

Princeton University Library Portfolio

"From the Department of Rare Book and Special Collections: 452 images which are the most frequently requested for reproduction in past years. Images are arranged in the following series: American Graphic Arts -- 32 color and b/w prints and drawings, 17th to 20th centuries European Graphic Arts -- 71 color and b/w prints and photos, 15th to 20th centuries Albert Einstein - 2 b/w photographs and 1 print Woodrow Wilson - 50 b/w photographs F. Scott Fitzgerald - 48 b/w and color photos, drawings, and dustjacket plus 9 relating to Zelda Ernest Hemingway - 43 b/w photographs Sylvia Beach -- 20 b/w photographs Lewis Carroll -- 153 b/w and sepia photographs, arranged in five series Graphic Americana -- 27 color images, including composites of 19th cent American ephemera General - 5 images.
Also included are fax-back or mail-in forms relating to ordering reproductions of the images."
(added October 14)

Botanical Paperworks

Maybe a somewhat strange site among all these but why not..... it's paper after all (changing into plants and flowers from which paper could be made again....)

(added september 24)

The Grolier Club

"Founded in 1884, the Grolier Club of New York is America's oldest and largest society for bibliophiles and enthusiasts in the graphic arts. Named for Jean Grolier, the Renaissance collector renowned for sharing his library with friends, the Club's objective is to foster "the literary study and promotion of the arts pertaining to the production of books." The Grolier Club maintains a research library on printing and related book arts, and its programs include public exhibitions as well as a long and distinguished series of publications."

New site from an old organisation.
(added September 9)

Collection of links related to handmade paper and papermaking by Dieter Freyer from Austria. Still growing but nonetheless worthwhile visiting because of the (German) paperlexicons.
(added August 8)

The Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company
The website's Miscellanies offer over 250 items and the main Special Interest table now offers 148 buttons and they have established a secondary, separate table of non-antiquarian Reading and Reference: this is slim, but review may yield pleasant surprises. Lots of (good) pictures of books.
(added July 19)

Steven McCarthy Designer

"In order to fully explore the relationship between words and images, content and form, I create works of a personal nature. "Artists' books" as the genre is called, seek to question the traditional form, narrative content and literary and visual sequences inherent in most books. This is applicable to my work as a publication designer, because I am able to examine alternatives to the conventional wisdom, and investigate other ways of reading and seeing in the book format."
Creative HTML used here to show some of his work.
(added July 19)

J.R. Ritman Library Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica

The Library of Hermetic Philosophy in Amsterdam was founded in 1957 by Mr Joseph R. Ritman with the purpose of collecting works in the Hermetic-Christian tradition. Apart from collecting books and manuscripts, the library supports the research and documentation of this tradition, organises exhibitions, issues publications, and hosts scholarly conferences.
(added July 17)

Tibetan Book Covers

Anna Maria Rossi and Fabio Rossi present Guardians of the Sacred Word, a fascinating exhibition celebrating the splendour of Tibetan manuscript covers in New York this autumn. The opulence of the 34 works on view, dating from the 12th to the 15th century, demonstrates the imaginative response of craftsmen to the influx of Indian Buddhist texts sweeping through Tibet. Carved, gilded and painted, these rare manuscript covers will be shown at the Barbara Mathes Gallery in New York
(added July 1)
Ancient History

Very professional site on ancient history with a personal touch.

"I trace my interest in Ancient History to fourth grade when my teacher made Ancient Egypt the focus, not only of our history lessons, but our literature, geometry, spelling, and art classes as well. Although I couldn't memorize dates, I enjoyed Ancient through Renaissance History which we studied until high school. What I'd picked up came in particularly useful in college where I majored in Latin. Despite my aversion to memorized chronology, in graduate school I discovered a misdate on an Oxyrrhynchus papyrus. It had been ascribed to the wrong prefecture. More fun, though, was joining the medieval Society for Creative Anachronism in the persona of an eighth century Byzantine matron. Today, I teach my son about Ancient History by reading aloud and discussing ancient epics, the history of mathematics, and modern biographies of ancient figures. On these pages, I hope to shake the dust out of history by making it lively, relevant, and entertaining for everyone. In particular, rather than looking for sites that only scholars can understand, I am looking for sites that will stimulate a lifelong interest in history -- for children as well as adults."
N.S. Gill
(added July 1)
Prima Mostra Internazionale Di Rilegatura D'Arte In Italia.

Website of an international bookbinding contest. 1000 participants from 37 countries from which 125 of them will be selected as "Maestro". The books of the Maestros will be presented on the website (soon...)
(added June 30)
Book History
Lots of usefull links to bookhistory-related sites.
(added June 8)

The History of Papermaking
A very good story (with a few illustrations) on the history of papermaking.
(added June 8)

The Colorado Preservation Alliance
The Colorado Preservation Alliance has started up a site with links, addresses and articles on preservation topics specifically of interest to libraries, small museums, and archives. Topics include: Disaster Planning and response, Preservation of books, paper, audio/visual materials, and much more.
(added June 8)

Creative Bindings of Classical Books
A mini virtual exhibition with a few examples of maxi-binders. Work from Denis Gouey, Richard Minsky, Pat Baldwin and Peter D. Verheyen. Small is beautiful.....
(added May 26)

Nottsbooks Inc.
At Notts Old And Rare Books Inc. You will discover an extraordinary selection of fine books From the 17th to the early 20th century But not limited to first editions in all subject. Chlidrens books, novels, cook books, poetry & literature, maps etc. Unfortunately designed with some nasty transitioneffect-applets. Takes some time to visit....
(added May 25)

Peter Baumgartner's Atelier für Papierdesign

Bookbinding, japanese bindings, papermaking, making pastepapers, papermarbling and various books by the author himself. Still only in German but on a translation is being worked.
(added May 22)

"The Cary Collection is one of the country's premier libraries on the history and practice of printing.The original collection of 2,300 volumes was assembled by the New York City businessman Melbert B. Cary, Jr. during the 1920s and 1930s. Cary was director of Continental Type Founders Association, a former president of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and proprietor of the private Press of the Woolly Whale. His professional and personal interests in printing led him to collect printer's manuals and type specimens, as well as great books of the printer's art. In 1969, the Cary Collection was presented to RIT by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust as a memorial to Mr. Cary, together with funds to support use of the collection. Today the library houses some 20,000 volumes and a growing number of manuscripts and correspondence collections. Also included are impressive holdings on bookbinding, papermaking, type design, calligraphy and book illustration. The goal of developing the digital image database is to enable users all over the world to sample the wealth of rich materials housed in the collection."
(added May 17)

Leiden Centre for the Book
"In January of 1997 Leiden University Library hosted the inaugural meeting of what has since come to be known as the Leiden Centre for the Book. The Centre's research and teaching ranges across the entire period of recorded communication, from inscription to digital information networks, and across many Eastern and Western cultures. It combines a number of existing research and teaching initiatives in the Faculty of Arts and the University Library from a wide variety of backgrounds. This makes the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration very promising indeed. The participation of the University Library in the Centre has paved the way for a more intensive use of the library's rare books and manuscripts, such as the rich Indonesian and Near-Eastern collections. Despite the severe budget restraints Dutch universities have been experiencing in recent years, the Leiden Centre for the Book has attracted support from the University's Board of Governors for a programme of teaching and research. A teaching programme is now in the process of being shaped. The challenge is to structure the programme in such a way that it offers students a choice of specialisation paths (such as text edition and recension; book and publishing history; electronic text and image processing) cutting across a wide range of existing disciplines. It is expected that from the academic year 1998-1999 Boekwetenschap (book studies) will be available as an optional specialisation for any student taking an arts degree in an existing discipline. If the specialisation programme proves successful, a full book studies MA (equivalent) programme may be created over the next number of years."
(added May 13)

Roberta Lavadour Papertrails
"Innovative designs featuring our own handmade paper crafted from plants and flowers from the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Paper by the sheet, custom books and invitations are designed individually for each client. Gallery of artists' books by Roberta Lavadour."
(added May 11)

Béatrice Coron Papercutting and Artists Books
Very nicely designed site which includes an introduction on the different traditions of papercutting and several links on the papercutters' world.
(added May 10)

ADEVA, Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, Graz/ Austria
"Since 1949, ADEVA, Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, Graz/ Austria, the world's greatest facsimile publisher, has been known for manufacturing quality facsimile edition books- true to the originals, from all civilizations. Their facsimile production uses the most advanced technology-laser-scanning - as well as traditional bookbinding methods. Topics covers include bibles, religious texts, ancient greek writing, natural history, medicine, art, history and philosophy from all cultures..."
Dr. Pamela Burns-Balogh
(added May 10)

Holland Paper Biennal 1998
Exhibition with 16 participants, a book will be published, paperworkshops, papermarket
(added May 9)

Octavo Digital Books
A publisher committed to conserving fine rare books, original manuscripts, and antiquarian printed ,materials via digital tools and formats. Photographed at very high resolution, Octavo Editions are fine-tuned, and then released on CD as Adobe PDF files which can be viewed on and printed from many computing platforms.

"Through relationships with collectors and libraries, we are able to photograph every page (with the binding and even the endsheets!) of very special and historic rare books, presenting them as Adobe PDF files at very high resolution for browsing, examining, printing, and including the Acrobat Reader with every CD to view the book files. There are sample PDF files on our web site. We are brand new, and have available now an edition of Shakespeare's Poems, printed by John Benson in 1640, and Robert Hooke's "Micrographia," a visually stunning scientific exploration of pioneering work with the earliest microscopes, printed in 1665. Other forthcoming books include Isaac Newton's "Opticks," Giambattista Bodoni's "Manuale Tipografico," and Albrecht Durer's "A Course in the Art of Measurement.""
(added May 5)

Dutch publisher and bookseller of artists' books and artists' essays.

ARTISTS' BOOKS JOHAN M.H. DEUMENS was established in 1989, as a continuation and specialisation of the Nova Zembla Gallery activities in Amsterdam (1985-1988). I concentrate on the publishing and selling of artists' books, combined with the presentation of related artists' editions and documentation. I set a high value on the artist's oeuvre as a whole. Books are commonly shown and discussed in the context of other books although there often are stronger and more exiting relationships with works in other media by the same artist. If appropriate I like to show these relationships. Further it can be of interest to focus on programs of publishers. In my catalogues, and also exhibitions and lectures I am trying to put attention on these kinds of meaningful contexts. Although there are already many book-related web-sites, it seemed to me that just a few are concentrating on the artist's book within the field of fine arts, especially in Europe. I hope this site will grow to become a nice place to visit and can offer useful and intriguing information to make and keep people interested in artists books. This site is a supplement of catalogue no. 19. Each month the information will be extended. This month a searching machine shall be installed to offer you an easy way of inquiry. Comments and additions are welcome.
Johan Deumens
(added May 5)

belongs to organizations that not only promote Printmaking, but enrich our culture. Her goal is to promote World Peace, and wipe-out Hunger. Here is a link to a site rich with images of The California Society of Printmakers, as well as of time-worn Printworks Magazine. Visit Janet's links and enjoy all the sundry adventures that she offers!
Ken Lopez - Bookseller
Has been issuing catalogs for 18 years, specializing in modern literary first editions, especially the postwar era, including the Beats, Sixties and Vietnam War literature. Also specialty catalogs in the field of literature by American Indian writers. Stock numbers 20,000 volumes. Open by appointment in Massachusetts. Appraisals, and handling manuscript and other archives, for individuals and institutions. Members of the ABAA and ILAB.
51 Huntington Rd
Hadley MA 01035
voice: (413) 584-4827
fax: (413) 584-2045
The Enduring Legacy of Paper Bindings
A small exhibition of paper bindings from the special collections of the Fales Library in NYU's Bobst Library, accompanying the Spring 1998 Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture entitled The Enduring Legacy of Paper Bindings: Historical Review and Preservation Concerns, given by Michèle Cloonan at the Fales Library.
Interloc's private database system allows members to connect via modem to a vast international marketplace filled with more than 2 million books, maps, photos, manuscripts, prints, and graphics.
Hugues de Latude
  • Located in south of France, near Toulouse, we are specialised in sciences, medicine, natural history, travels and early printed books.
  • Books are guaranteed to be complete and in good condition unless otherwise stated.
  • Conditions of buisness according to International League of Antiquarian Booksellers'rules.
  • Our books are priced in French Francs.

SOTA: The Society of Typographic Aficionados
exists to increase public awareness and appreciation of the art and history of typography and its function in creating beautiful and successful communication. To this end SOTA sponsors a conference for members and nonmembers alike and publishes a variety of publications related to its activities. The society, soon to be a non-profit cultural foundation, was founded in 1997 by Bob Colby.
The Veatchs Arts of the Book
Antiquarian booksellers since 1975, The Veatchs specialize in:
· Printing History & Typography · The History of the Book
· Book Arts (Papermaking, Bookbinding, Calligraphy, and Graphic Design)
· Private Presses & Illustrated Books · Color Printing
·Five Centuries of Fine Printing
The Veatchs are the sole distributors for the Grolier Club.
An interactive directory to museums' collections including art, science, history, zoos, archeology and aquariums, etc. providing links to their educational, entertainment, archive and shopping features.
The Old Book House
New & Used Books Signed 1ST Editions Collectible Books Bookends & Supplies Beanies & Gifts

Established in 1977, we are located in historic downtown Lewisburg, founded in 1789, in the Greenbrier Valley near national and state forests, white water rafting, the Greenbrier River and lovely walking trails. Lewisburg's beginnings are prior to the American Revolution and it was also the site of a Civil War battle between the forces of generals Henry Heth and George Crook. There is history to explore and interesting shops to visit. If you'd like some information on Lewisburg send us a legal size stamped self-addressed envelope. We have in stock, but not online, geological survey publications on mineral deposits of Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. Query us on individual titles (we dont have catalogs) or even better come by the store. Our hours are 10-5 Monday thru Saturday and 12-3 on Sunday.
Hot Metal Homepage
A free resource for the fraternity of those engaged in the art of ~~~ Hot Metal Typography ~~~
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Editions, a studio for producing artist book multiples
At Editions, we see books as a sculptural method for storing and sharing information. More than text, they are also visual images, unfolding pages, sequences of ideas, unusual bindings and molded cases. "Heaven knows I've tried to make conventional books," reports Ed Hutchins. "But every time I start, illustrations pop off the page, pages unfold like origami, and letters take three dimensional shape."
We don't have a traditional printing press so we've turned to non-traditional methods like rubber stamps, cast images, block printing, photocopying and flash-bulb stencils to reproduce our messages. We also use materials found close at hand--scrap paper, museum board, stickers, candy containers, candle molds, dowels, key chains, industrial scraps--to create our books.
Please browse our pages and explore the alternative fringe of bookmaking. And drop us a message and let us know what you think!
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The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) is a learned society, which was founded in 1812 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Society maintains a research library of American history and culture in order to collect, preserve, and make available for study the printed record of the United States. AAS is the third oldest historical society in this country and the first to be national rather than regional in its purpose and in the scope of its collec- tions.
With holdings numbering close to three million books, pamphlets, broadsides, manuscripts, prints, maps, and newspapers, this library preserves the largest single collection of printed source material relating to the history, literature, and culture of the first 250 years of what is now the United States. It specializes in the American period to 1877, and holds two-thirds of the total pieces known to have been printed in this country between 1640 and 1821, as well as the most useful source materials and reference works printed since that period. Its files of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American newspapers, numbering two million issues, are the finest anywhere.
These collections serve a worldwide community of students, teachers, historians, bibliographers, genealogists, and authors whose research here directly affects the quality of education
through textbooks, biographies, historical novels, newspapers, periodicals, plays, operas, films, and libraries.
The Society has a staff of fifty. In addition to the function of curatorship for others, the library's staff is itself productive of scholarship. A few examples of staff work produced at AAS are: a history of printing in America, a history and bibliography of American newspapers; the standard work on Paul Revere's engravings; a completion of Sabin's dictionary of books relating to America as well as Evans's "American Bibliography"; a twenty-volume dictionary catalogue of the Society's holdings dated before 1821, family genealogies, and first editions of American literature; a four-volume catalogue of the manuscript collections; and editorship of the Society's "Proceedings," published semiannually. The skills of all staff members are always available for guiding visiting scholars in the use of the collections.
The Society began with one man--Isaiah Thomas--a product of the American Revolution. Thomas was born in Boston in 1749 into a family so poor that at the age of six he was taken from his mother by the Overseers of the Poor and apprenticed to a printer.
Thomas's sympathies were with the popular faction during the genesis of the American Revolution. He made his newspaper, "The Massachusetts Spy," the voice of the Whig party. Three nights prior to the Battle of Lexington and Concord, Thomas smuggled his printing press out of Boston and set it up in Worcester. Thomas became the leading printer, editor, publisher, and bookseller in the United States after the war.
In 1802, Thomas retired and turned his attention to the preservation of the records of the origins and growth of the nation he had helped to make. Believing that the answers to the liveliest historical questions lie in the lives and thoughts of common people, one of his first steps was to make the rounds of newspapers of Revolutionary days to buy up their office files. In his search for historical material, he one day went into the largest music store in Boston and bought one copy of every ballad on its shelves. His purchase forms the cornerstone of our present great collection of early American music.
In the war year of 1812, Isaiah Thomas, with a group of like- minded men, founded the American Antiquarian Society. To the Society he gave the then-substantial sum of $20,000 and his library of 8,000 volumes. Worcester was chosen as the site because it was an inland town, safe from the guns of the British fleet.
Since that day there have been among the members of the Society twelve presidents of the United States and hundreds of other distinguished men and women, including Alexander Graham Bell, George Bancroft, Henry Clay, DeWitt Clinton, Robert Fulton, Daniel Webster, Henry Cabot Lodge, Esther Forbes, and Samuel Eliot Morison. Calvin Coolidge was president of the Society at the time of his death in 1933. Membership is by election and is open to 600 persons. Members, who come from all parts of the nation, are chose for their interest in the advancement of historical research.
The activities of the American Antiquarian Society in its early years covered a very wide field. It was while on his way west to begin the scientific exploration of Indian mounds that one of the Society's early librarians was killed in Ohio's first recorded traffic accident. Later, the Society was active in such fields as Central American archaeology, but the growth of anthropology and related sciences at the Smithsonian Institution and other organizations made it obvious that more could be accomplished by specialization than by duplication of effort. In 1910 the Society abandoned active anthropological work, broke up its museum, and constructed a building specifically designed as a research library.
The library building contains twenty miles of bookshelves. The collecting field in which AAS holdings are preeminent include: almanacs, amateur newspapers, art catalogues, Bibles and prayer books, bibliography, book catalogues, bookplates, broadsides, caricatures (political), children's literature, city views, city directories, cookbooks, early American books and pamphlets, fiction, graphic arts, genealogy, institutional publications, libraries, literary annuals, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, paper currency, periodicals, printing and related arts, psalmody, school books, school catalogues and histories, sheet music, songsters, state and local histories, state documents, stereoscopic views and postcards, trade cards, trade catalogues, trade directories and yearbooks, transportation (roads, railroads, canals, and bridges), United States government documents, United States history (chronological and topical), and valentines.
The Society also holds an important body of material in the field of early religious history and literature, including the most extensive collection of the writings of the Mather family, their manuscripts, private library, and family portraits.
The Society's manuscript collection, numbering several million pieces of unpublished documents, is housed in the Society's Kresge Manuscript Room. Its 2,215 running feet of shelving contain collections of diaries, account books, family letters, and business records, as well as the archives of the Society itself. The graphic arts collection dates from the founding of the Society when Isaiah Thomas donated his personal collection of graphic arts. Today the principal collections include maps, broadsides, prints, and eighteenth-century engravings. This department frequently provides illustrative material for printers and publishers. A copy of the Society's photoduplication policies and fees is available on request.
The Society is the nation's chief repository of early American newspapers. More than two million issues published in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in every section of the United States, Canada, and the West Indies are held on seven miles of shelving in climate-controlled stacks.
Detailed descriptions of the Society's resources may be found in "Under Its Generous Dome: The Collections and Programs of the American Antiquarian Society" (Worcester, 1992). Selected materials from the Society's collections are on exhibition throughout the year.

Skin of silk: textile bookbinding in Spain
The rooms of the National Museum of Ornamental Arts will welcome starting from upcoming month of March, the exhibition "Skin of Silk: textile bookbinding in Spain", giving us the opportunity to admire and to see, works of art that will be exposed for the first time. The sample will gather a selection of books bound in cloths and embroideries from the XIII century until our times, being able to contemplate the evolution that this art presents. This evolution can be admired through outstanding masters exhibiting different historical styles that were not well-known embroideries in Spain but however, were the main characteristic of the old textile bookbindings in Europe. One of the objectives that the Association for the Development of the Art of Bookbinding (AFEDA)-, seeks, is to familiarize this artistic expression to the general public, keeping in mind that until the moment it was restricted to a very reduced cultural public.
The Watkinson Library
The Watkinson Library is an endowed library of approximately 164,500 volumes consisting of rare books, manuscripts, and a number of special collections. It was originally founded in 1857 as a "Library of Reference" in downtown Hartford. It came to the College in 1952 and its permanent home is now on the A-floor.
Kenneth Spencer Research Library
The University of Kansas
The Kenneth Spencer Research Library is the rare books, manuscripts, and archives library of the University of Kansas. The Library was a gift to the University in 1968 from Helen Foresman Spencer in memory of her husband, Kenneth Aldred Spencer, a prominent Kansas City industrialist. The Spencer Library welcomes all visitors, readers and researchers to view its exhibitions or consult the rare books, manuscripts, and other historical resources for which it provides a safe environment. Readers and researchers will find comfortable reading rooms with specialized collections of reference books in each department. Librarians, archivists, and a professional book conservator are on the staff to provide assistance and care for the materials. The Spencer Library is made up of three related departments, each of which holds both manuscript and printed material: the University Archives, devoted to the University and its people; the Kansas Collection, recording the history and culture of Kansas and the Great Plains; and the Department of Special Collections, a broad-based rare books and manuscripts library specializing in the humanities and the history of science. The University's collection of rare books and manuscripts in the history of medicine is held in a separate repository: the Clendening History of Medicine Library, part of the University of Kansas Medical Center, located in Kansas City, Kansas.
Art Libraries Society of North America
Founded in 1972, the Art Libraries Society of North America represents a creative diversity of expertise and interests. Producers, purveyors, and users of all types of art information join in dynamic collaboration!
The Arts of the Chinese Papercut
The art and craft of intricate papercutting is a very ancient one and requires a manual dexterity and steadiness which seems almost impossible for anyone to possess in this fast-paced machine driven age. But as one can see from our gallery, China is still home to a few of these skilled artisans. We have tried to make available several different types of papercuts including multilayered and multicolored ones though numbers of these more complex types are limited . We hope you find these pages entertaining and educational.
The Journal as Artist's Book
An exhibition from
a Wintersession Workshop
Women in the Book Arts: A Selection
This exhibition is designed to show the diversity of recent works by women book artists. The art of the book in the late twentieth century has come a long way from the artist's book of the early 1900's with traditional text and illustrations. In terms of both text and format, many innovative women are exploring the limits of what a book is, and the results of their efforts can be appreciated in this sampling. The artists represented here range in age from their twenties to their sixties. Each book varies in design, format and content. Most of them include some form of letterpress printing -- that is, printing by hand with moveable type. In many instances, the book's binding and paper are made and decorated by hand as well. Some of the books are narrative, some contain poetry, and some have no words, but tell a story through illustrations and images. In putting together this exhibition, I asked each artist to send me a photograph of themselves in their studio or with their artwork. I also asked them to describe, in their own words what their influences and inspirations were in creating their books, and how their careers in the Book Arts evolved. In this way, each artist was able to explain what their books and their careers as artists mean to them. I hope their voices will provide inspiration to future book artists, here at Wellesley and beyond.
I am writing you to tell you about Big Bridge, a webzine of poetry and everything else, an online zine published by Big Bridge, a fine print literary press represented by many special collections libraries. We have a catalog for Big Bridge Press at the Big Bridge online zine site and would like to be included in your list of electronic journals and book arts lists. Big Bridge Press has created in tandem with Andrew Hoyem, Peter Koch, Don Gray and other respected printers and designers. We have been awarded The Rounce and Coffin Award and selected by Fine Print Magazine for Best Broadside of the Year. We have published works by Jim Harrison, Andrei Codrescu, Joanne Kyger, Philip Whalen, Allen Ginsberg and other poets. Please take a look at Big Bridge
Arion Press aims to match the finest contemporary art with the finest literature past and present in books that are beautifully designed and produced. Printer-publisher Andrew Hoyem employs the exacting standards and skilled craftsmanship of the fine printing tradition in the service of an ambitious publication program. Two to three limited edition books are published per year. Each is conceptually unique, bringing together a significant text with a contemporary artist, or in other cases, a purely typographic interpretation. Those illustrated by prominent artists are often accompanied by separate editions of original prints. The texts of the more than fifty Arion Press publications are characterized by their diversity and intellectual depth, with titles that range from ancient literature to modern classics. Its authors extend from Ovid to Shakespeare, Laurence Sterne, Herman Melville, Gertrude Stein, Sigmund Freud, Allen Ginsberg and David Mamet. The Press has also developed entirely new material for publication. It has resurrected "lost" texts and commissioned new works by poets, critics, and scholars. Since 1982 the Press has also issued books and portfolios with original prints by major artists, including Jim Dine, Michael Graves, Jasper Johns, Richard Bosman, John Baldessari, Robert Motherwell, Richard Diebenkorn, R. B. Kitaj, Ida Applebroog, and Wayne Thiebaud. Editions are strictly limited and are designed and produced, mainly by hand, in an atelier-like setting near the new San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Type is composed and cast on the premises by M & H Type, established in 1915, the oldest and largest type foundry still operating in this country. A complete book bindery and the historic letterpress equipment of the Grabhorn Press are in use, alongside the technology of the late twentieth century. Beside its publishing program, Arion Press offers custom services for the design and production of fine typography and printing, from small quantities for personal use to large quantities for organizational needs. Consultation on projects and publications is available as well as high-quality products.
Publishing Cornerstone References for Library, Publishing, and Bookselling Professionals Founded in 1872, R.R. Bowker produces reference products that form the cornerstone of the library and bookselling communities: Publishers Trade List Annual (1873), The Reader's Adviser (1921), Literary Market Place (1940), Books in Print (1948), Books in Print Plus (1986), as well as other core professional resources. As the Official ISBN (International Standard Book Number) Agency for the United States, the company has a unique perspective on the book trade, a perspective that is reflected in the accuracy and currency of its bibliographic references and services. R.R. Bowker's century-old challenge to produce the most reliable and innovative products assures that it stands ready to meet the ever-changing information reference needs of the future.

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