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Internet Library for Librarians
A comprehensive Web database designed to provide a one-stop shopping center for librarians to locate Internet resources related to their profession Internet Library for Librarians is a comprehensive Web database designed to provide a one-stop shopping center for library staff to locate Internet resources related to their profession. It provides links to over 1,500 Internet sites ranging from general to specific, from technical services to public services, from administration to library job opportunities, from publishers to library system vendors, from library e-mail lists to library grants and projects, etc. All the Internet resources that are included in this site have been reviewed and described. Internet Library for Librarians is a handy and useful tool for both novices and experienced library staff.

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Vianne Tang Sha, the author, is the Automation and Bibliographic Management Librarian at the School of Law Library, University of Missouri-Columbia.

EVERGLADES Digital Library
A collaborative project of Florida International University Libraries and Everglades National Park The mission of the Everglades Information Network is to provide universal, timely and effective access to the universe of Everglades-related information in order to facilitate research, restoration, and resource management of this unique natural environment and international treasure.
Repositories of Primary Sources
A listing of over 2000 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar. All links have been tested for correctness and appropriateness.
New Jersey Book Arts At The John Cotton Dana Library
Classes in Printmaking Workshop/Bookarts, here at Rutgers, and Introduction to Artists Books at the New School in New York, both focus on the book as a self-referential form, as conceptually whole; each unique form and process can be a significant aspect of its meaning. Ideally, the student is willing to be inventive--so that innovative materials and processes can be explored.
THE HOLDEN ARBORETUM, Classes in Rare Books
The Holden Arboretum offers two series of two hour classes utilizing the rare book collection. The first of these is the Book Series which is aimed at all booklovers and is geared towards giving a basic introduction to the history and development of books and an understanding of their component parts. The second is the Collection Highlight Series which gives the participants an opportunity to examine books from the Warren H. Corning Collection of Horticultural Classics as they learn about the history of the works. Booklovers, collectors, and potential users of rare books will be provided with a basic background in the terminology and concepts used to discuss the makeup, structure, and composition of the printed book. Among the subjects covered are the growth of the printed book from the manuscript form and the concept of formats. Other subjects include title pages, colophons, printer's marks, and watermarks using examples from the rare book collection. This class or equivalent knowledge is a prerequiste for admission to the Further Studies in the Book and Introduction to Bibliography classes. Other classes offered: Further Studies in the Book, Introduction to Bibliography, and Introduction to Processes of Botanical Illustration (The processes of wood block illustration, wood engraving, etching, engraving, stipple engraving, aquatint and lithography are discussed as well as how to identify them. Examples are used from the Warren H. Corning Collection of Horticultural Classics), Types of Botanical and Horticultural Literature, Early European Herbals, English Herbals and Medical Botanies, Rare Books on Trees, Rare Gardening and Horticultural Manuals, The Works of Carl Linnaeus. All classes are given in the rare book room at the back of the Warren H. Corning Library in the Warren H. Corning Library and Visitor's Center of The Holden Arboretum, 9500 Sperry Road, Kirtland, Ohio 44094. Note taking is restricted to pencils which will be provided. The cost of the current classes is $12 for members and $15 for non-members of The Holden Arboretum and includes admission to the grounds. (Botanical Images, Book History and Conservation on the Web for much more information and a rich source of botanical illustrations. Column by Stanley Johnston, Curator of Rare Books at The Holden Arboretum)
The University of Virginia Library proposes a two-year project for 1996-1998 to create electronic texts of rare books and to compare the usage and costs of electronic texts and of original paper texts of rare books. The project will focus on e-texts of a well-defined and comprehensive collection of early American fiction derived from the two standard bibliographies of American fiction. Specific outcomes expected from the project are:
  • electronic texts and images on the World Wide Web of 582 seminal volumes in early American literature
  • a model process, exportable to other libraries, for creating e-texts of rare books
  • measurement and analysis of usage and costs of the e-texts and of the originals on which they are based
  • two written reports: 1) presenting this project as a model for the creation of images and SGML-tagged ASCII texts of rare books in research libraries; 2) on the usage and costs of e-texts of rare books
  • presentations of the results of this project at national or international conferences

The 119 members of the Association of Research Libraries house over a million rare books. From the ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt, to the present time, preserving unique and rare books has been taken as a principle raison d'étre of research libraries. But this objective is a costly part of the libraries' mission. At the University of Virginia in recent years it has cost eight times as much on average to acquire a rare book as an ordinary trade book. Because of security and preservation needs, maintenance of rare books is three times as expensive as of the other book collections. Security also means that physical access to rare books is necessarily restricted. As a result, last year the ratio of rare books used to total volumes in the rare books collection was 3%, while the ratio in the general collections was 23% and in the undergraduate library 118%. On average, 3% of the rare books collection was used, while each undergraduate library book was used more than once. And from the standpoint of the patron, usage of original rare books requires visiting geographical locations to use physical objects, just as 2,000 years ago in the great library of Alexandria.
The World Wide Web offers the possibility of greatly expanded access to computer versions of rare books. The computer versions offer the added value that every word in the rare books is index2ed and searchable. It is possible in an online collection of early American fiction to find in seconds every instance of the word "freedom" for a study of fictional concepts of freedom, while in the original rare books such a search might take years. And while computer images of rare book pages alone can only serve as pointers to the rich actuality of the original physical artifacts, the combination of searchable text and high-resolution color page images provides a detailed and flexible view of the material to teacher and scholar alike.
The UVa Early American Fiction project presents the opportunity to study scholarly use of original rare books and of their computer simulacra, and to determine the extent to which electronic texts of rare books can serve scholars. The library expects to create an online collection, to focus on use by faculty and student scholars, and to obtain objective data supporting reliable comparisons of usage of e-texts with usage of original rare books.

Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Furthering access to the world's information and reducing information costs are OCLC's major goals. Founded in 1967, OCLC pioneered the computer revolution in libraries when it introduced a computer system that enabled libraries to rapidly and efficiently catalog books and order custom-printed catalog cards. Today, OCLC provides a spectrum of services to over 22,000 libraries and their users in 63 countries.
Research and Development in the libraries sector of the Telematics Programme aims to facilitate access to the wealth of knowledge held in libraries throughout the European Union, while reducing disparities between national systems and practice. Topics covered include networking (OSI, WWW), cataloguing (OPACs), resource discovery, imaging, multimedia (CDi-ROM), distance learning, standards and copyright.
listing 19 U.S. libraries;
PUBLIC LIBRARIES ON WWW SERVERS: You can browse through a list of 357 public libraries all over the world;
Gabriel, the World Wide Web server for the European National Libraries represented in the Conference of European National Librarians. For those who enjoy acronyms, Gabriel might be said to stand for GAteway and BRIdge to Europe's national Libraries. Gabriel will help to bring national libraries in Europe closer together by providing a single point of access for the retrieval of information about their functions, services and collections. The pilot Gabriel project was originally set up on behalf of CENL by the following libraries acting as partners: The British Library; Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto - Helsinki University Library; and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek - The National Library of the Netherlands. Working together, these libraries created a functional pilot service based on entries describing their own services and collections between March and September 1995. The pilot service was endorsed by the CENL annual meeting at Bern in Switzerland in September 1995 and launched on the Internet. The service is currently mounted and maintained in London by British Library Network Services and mirrored in Helsinki and The Hague.
A very rich source of information on libraries. Offers links to numerous libraries, library servers, catalogues, library projects, reports and documentation, e-mail lists, museums, publishers and newspapers, scholarly societies... Add to your list of bookmarks.
The Bookmaster Network. Electronic resource for locating information on artists' books and bookartists: BOOKBLOCK.
BOOK ARTS, Arizona State University, School of Art:
Coursework in Fine Printing & Bookmaking is classified under the printmaking area, where it complements the other fine art courses often included in the 'book arts'; papermaking, lithography, intaglio, screenprinting, relief, and monoprinting. Undergraduate students may earn a BFA degree in the printmaking area with an emphasis in the book arts. Graduate students may earn an MFA degree in printmaking with an emphasis in any or all of the book arts. Fine Printing & Bookmaking classes are open to students from all disciplines, within and outside of the visual arts. Art students in printmaking, photography, graphic design, and occasionally from painting and drawing, ceramics, or fibers bring different aesthetics and visual senses; non-art majors from English, creative writing, history, the scholarly publishing program, philosophy, and communication have all brought their own perspectives to enrich the class. A mix of undergraduate and graduate students is usual and also serves to broaden the experience for everyone.
The Cushing Memorial Library is the rare book, manuscript, research collection, and archive repository of Texas A&M University. Currently located within the Sterling C. Evans Library, the collections will soon occupy the Cushing Memorial Library, the University's orginal library, which is now under renovation. Collecting interests and strengths include military history, Texas local history, 19th century British literature, nautical archaeology, science fiction, American illustrators, range and livestock literature, and the history of Texas A&M University and its system parts, which include Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas Engineering Extension Service, Texas Transportation Institute, etc.
A treat for collectors, students, and dealers in antiquarian books. Offers courses on topics concerning rare books, manuscripts and special collections.
visit the TREASURES in the digitisation project. On-line manuscripts from the B.L. are linked to our MANUSCRIPTS page.
Rutgers University Library.
The Thompson Conservation Library Laboratory has been in operation since 1976, specializing in the restoration of medieval and renaissance books, art on paper and more. The lab conducts condition surveys, performs scientific analysis, and provides a reference service, based on a 4,000 volume research library.
A great site with many usefull links!
Arts of the Book Collection. ( Housed in one of the finest of Sterling's main floor rooms is an archive of materials associated with the art and history of the book and attendant graphic arts, the Arts of the Book Collection. Its holdings focus on calligraphy, letter design and typography, printing, illustration, paper, binding, and printed ephemera. The room houses a number of special collections as well, including the printing library of former University printer and scholar, Carl P. Rollins, the archives of Fritz Kredel, a master of printing and engraving, a collection of works by Fritz Eichenberg, a wood engraver, and such notable small press materials as the library of the Overbrook Press. The collection also serves as a forum for a lively and vigorous educational and cultural program of lectures, seminars and exhibits. It is also the centerpiece for a variety of other related collections, including Sterling's Bookplate Collection.)
The William L. Clements Library, located on the central campus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, contains original source materials for the study of American history and culture from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. Its mission is to collect and preserve source materials, to make them available for research, and to create an environment that supports and encourages scholarly investigation of the USA's past.
detailed information about the individual items of English verse in the 17th and 18th century; over 2500 records.
The School of Printing Management and Sciences offers you a career in a $129 billion-per-year graphic communications industry that recruits its management professionals at RIT. The advances of computer technology and the growing "information age" have created new demands for leaders who understand both graphic communications processes and the rapidly changing technology. Newspaper corporations. magazine empires, paper manufacturers, book publishers and specialzed printing companies are just a few of our graduates' employers. RIT is known as the premier printing management school in the world. It has assisted newspapers such as USA Today and The New York Times in creating newspapers with full color, and is the forefront in teaching students how to scan and combine photographs on a computer. SPMS merged desktop publishing technology and high-end electronic color systems. Students have expanded their horizons in the latest publishing technologies including digital printing and multi-media publishing. The school has supplied the industry with men and women who are making decisions for the business environment of the 90's (and beyond).
Seminars graphic design. ( The King Library Press, founded in 1956, is devoted to the tradition of fine printing and produces books and broadsides. Typesetting, printing, and binding are all done at the Press and there are opportunities for apprentices. The Press is located in the King Library North on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington.)
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing. You can subscribe the Sharp-L , the Electronic Conference of Book Historians, from this site.
The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, information on the society, membership, list of winners of the Book-Collecting Contest through the years, Studies in Bibliography and a link to WEB SITES OF BIBLIOGRAPHICAL INTEREST.
(University of Houston Libraries). Online exhibits created by libraries and archives. Lots of images very worthwhile waiting to load..Some 75 links to on-line exhibitions.
Rare Books and Manuscripts Section ( The Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) exercises leadership in the local, nation, and international special collections communities in an effort to represent and promote the interests of librarians, curators, and other specialists concerned with the acquisition, organization, security, preservation, administration, and use of special collections, including rare printed books, manuscripts, archives, graphics, music, and ephemera.)
The Missouri Center for the Book was established in 1993 "to bring the words and ideas of books into the thoughts and lives of Missourians." It is the first statewide organization that promotes the importance of books and reading to Missouri residents, celebrates the state's literary heritage, and recognizes the contributions of Missouri's authors, book illustrators, booksellers, publishers, librarians, and others involved in the literary arts. The Missouri Center is an affiliate of the national Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, which was established by law in 1977 to strengthen and celebrate the vital role of books, reading, and libraries in the cultural life of the nation. A recent projects is the Missouri Community of the Book Demonstration Database This searchable database will contain information on more than 500 contemporary authors as well as many deceased authors who were born in or had strong ties to Missouri. The database also will contain information on Missouri bookstores, publishers, ne wspapers, libraries, and literary groups. It is scheduled for completion in 1996.
organizes activities which promote books, reading and literate culture. (The Minnesota Center for the Book is the state affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. The national Center was established in 1977 to stimulate public interest in books and reading. The Minnesota Center reflects the goals of its national parent, tailoring these goals to the distinctive needs and assets of Minnesota's "community of the book.")
The Colorado Center for the Book is a non profit organization that has existed in Colorado since 1987. Affiliated with the Library of Congress Center for the Book, the center is one of a network of thirty state Centers for the Book. Established by law in 1977 under the leadership of Librarian of Congress, Daniel Boorstin, the national center was created to stimulate public interest in reading, books and libraries. The Colorado Center built on that mission by focusing on a "book community" that includes but is broader than libraries. The Colorado Center is one of the few that operates independent of a state library and has three paid staff people.
founded in 1991 to stimulate public interest in literacy, through the spoken and written word, as central to our understanding of ourselves and the world around us....
The Idaho Center for the Book was established to encourage and promote an interest in reading, writing, making, disseminating, and collecting books. The ICB also seeks to preserve and publicize the bibliophilic heritage of the Gem State. ICB publishes a semi-annual newsletter, as well as books and videos relating to Idaho and book history, Book Arts, and related book topics. It sponsors (with the assistance of the Idaho Commission on the Arts) "Booker's Dozen", a biennial statewide travelling exhibition of fourteen artists and eccentric books by Idahoans. In 1996, the ICB and the Idaho Council of Teachers of English are jointly producing "Idaho by the Book", a tetraflexagon literary map of the state. Keep visiting this site for there are frequent updates and new articles
Seven free museums and seven major free exhibits throughout the United States. The Karpeles Manuscript Library is the world's largest private holding of some of the world's greatest and most important original manuscripts and documents with holdings of over one million pages. The Library provides special educational programs and lectures for schools at all levels. Manuscripts : Einstein : Luther : Bill of Rights : Confederate Constitution : Armada : Custer : Darwin : Thesaurus : Webster¹s Dictionary : Bible: Columbus : Literature. Music (Beethoven-Mozart-Handel). Science (Galelio- Newton). Religion. Indian. History (Lincoln-Washington-Kennedy). Many others.
images of binding Chronique de Pierre le Prestre. 15th century.
THE AGE OF CHARLES V, 1338-1380:
1,000 illuminations from the Department of Manuscripts, Bibliotheque Nationale de France.
Foreign Books Outside The Bodleian. With links to related projects and a Resources section (with links to web related resources that might be usefull to the project team and others interested in early printed books and special collections).
The American Library Association is the oldest and largest library association in the world, and its 57,000 members represent all types of libraries. There is a Log-On @ at the Libraryday link inwhich interesting sites are collected to look at the Information Superhighway.
The Rare Book and Manuscript Section, American Library Association. Site covering activities and other matters relating to the work of the Section.
College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. Informal classes in letterpress printing offered in the early 1970's were developed by Harry Reese from 1978 to the present to form the basis of the current program. Studio classes in printing and book arts have been offered regularly since then as electives in the College of Creative Studies (CCS) Art program. In the Fall of 1989 "Book Arts" became the third "emphasis" within the CCS Art program. It is the only program of its kind in the University of California system. CCS art students may now study for a degree with an emphasis in either painting, sculpture, or book arts.

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