637 CAESAREA Caesarea Library destroyed by Arabs conquering Palestine (library was orignally founded by church father Origen who died 309 AD)
1425 CALLIGRAPHY Mansion, Colard, d.1484, one of the leading calligraphers in Bruges, Belgium
1521 CAMBRIDGE Cambridge University Press founded.
750 CANTERBURY Canterbury School of manuscript illumination, active until 13th century.
1465 CANTICUM CANTICORUM Canticum Canticorum, illustrated by Memling(?) or Van der Weijden(?)
1479 CARPI Carpi, Ugo da, d.1533, leading engraver of Venice and Rome, likely one of the developers, inventors of chiarusco printing
1516 CARPI, UGO DA (1480-1532), obtained from the Signoria of Venice the privilege for the chiaroscuro woodcut, which he claimed to have invented, even though none of his woodcuts is dated earlier than 1518.
1901 CARTER Carter, Harry, born
1693 CASLON Caslon, William, d.1766. English typefounder.
1590 CATHACH Cathach Psalter, attributed to St.Columba, Irish manuscript.
1460 CATHOLICON Catholicon of Johannes Baldus printed by Schöffer
1420 CAXTON Caxton, William, born.
1486 CAXTON Caxton, William prints his first books in England, in Westminster
1530 CERVANTES Miguel de Cervantes (1513-1616), author of DON QUIXOTE
1887 CHAGALL, ,ARC (1887-1985). Born in Vitebsk. Studied in St. Petersburg with Léon Bakst. Paris 1910-1914 asociated with the Cubists. Back in Russia from 1914-1922. Studied graphic techniques with Hermann Struck in Germany. Books: Mein Leben (1923); Les Ames Mortes (1948); Arabian Nights (1951); La Fontaine Fables (1952); Bible (1956).
1770 CHATTERTON Chatterton, Thomas. (1752-1770). English poet, known for his literary
frauds distinguished by poetic genius. He wrote a number of poems which
he pretended were the work of one Thomas Rowley, a non-existent monk of
the 15th century.
1400 CHAUCER Chaucer died
1893 CHAUCER Kelmscott Chaucer published
1868 CHAUCER SOCIETY Chaucer Society founded. Active until 1912.
1486 CHEVALIER LIBERÉ Chevalier Libere, printed 1486 by Gotfred van Os at Gouda (book deals with Charles the Bold)
1507 CHIAROSCURO Chiaroscuro, first by Georg Lucas Cranach.
-213 CHIN TAIN SHIHUANGTI Chin Tain Shihuangti, emporer of China, issued an edict that all books should be destroyed (manuscripts on bamboo)
1888 CHIRICO, GIORGIO DE (1888-1978). Greece, of Italian parentage. Art school of Athens Polytechnic Institute and Munich Academy. In Paris associated with the Cubists. 1938 settled in Rome. Books: Le Mystère Laïc (1928); Calligrammes (1930).
1811 CHISWICK Chiswick Press founded.
1726 CHODOWIECKI Chodowiecki, Daniel Nikolaus, d.1801. German artis-engraver.
1689 CHRISTINA OF SWEDEN At her death in 1689 her library, known as the Bibliotheca Alessandrina (she considered herself a female Alexander the Great), was transferred to the Vatican Library.
1836 CHROMOLITHOGRAPHY Chromolithography by Gottfried Engelmann
1837 CHROMOLITOGRAPHY Chromolitography, first time use of this term
1900 CLAUDIN Histoire de l'Imprimerie en France au Xve et au XVIe siecle by Anatole Claudin
1913 CLAVÉ, ANTONI Spanish. Barcelone art school. In Paris since 1942. Books: La Dame de Pique (Pushkin, 1946P; Coplas (1955).
1435 CLEVES Hours of Catherine of Cleves made in Utrecht, Holland
1921 CLOISTER PRESS Cloister Press founded.
1817 CLYMER Columbian Press by George Clymer
1870 COCKERELL Cockerell, Douglas, d.1945. Leading English teacher handbookbinding
-100 CODEX 1st C. AD By the end of this century, the form of the book had largely changed from the scroll to the codex.
715 CODEX AMITINUS Codex Amitinus, manuscript of the Vulgate written in Northumbrian uncial.
-100 CODICES 1st C. BC - 1st C. AD The Romans substituted skin, or membranae, for the wood panels in codices. It is unclear just when this was done and whether membranae was similar to Medieval parchment or to the thin leather of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but it is known that there are no examples or records of this substitution prior to the Romans. Later, Romans used codices to record laws and rules of
order, lending the name codes or codicils to such documents.
1467 COLONNA Hypnerotomachia Poliphili written by Francesco Colonna
896 COLOPHON Colophon, oldest known manuscript colophon, in Books of the Prophets written by Moses ben Asher in Tiberias.
1930 COLOPHON, The Colophon, the. First issue, until 1940 (1948-1950 New Colophon)
1804 COLOR PRINTING Baxter, George (d. 1867). Patented letterpress process for color printing
1838 COLOR PRINTING Knight, Charles, patented a method of color printing in which four relief blocks of wood or metal rotated and impressed in turn on to a sheet of paper
1457 COLOR PRINTING Colour printing, earliest example in Mainz Psalter
1549 COMMON PRAYER Book of Common Prayer, first complete edition in England.
1453 CONSTANTINE Constantine library. Many books were burnt in this year (Constantinople captured by the Turks) or carried away and sold
1709 COPYRIGHT Copyright Act in England
1952 COPYRIGHT Copyright. World Copyright Union founded in Geneva
1458 CORVINUS Corvinus, Matthias, d.1490, King of Hungary, famous bookcollector
1936 CORVINUS PRESS Corvinus Press founded by Viscount Carlow
1472 CRANACH Cranach, Lucas, d.1553. German painter and woodcutter.
1507 CRANACH Chiaroscuro, first by Georg Lucas Cranach.
1912 CRANACH PRESSE Cranach Presse founded by Harry Graf von Kessler.
1903 CUALA PRESS Cuala Press founded by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats. Press stopped activities in 1948, revived in 1969
1902 CUALA PRESS Dun Emer Press founded (later to be the Cuala Press) by Elizabeth Yeats (sister of the poet), Ireland
1924 CUMULATIVE LIST BRITISH BOOKS Whitaker's Cumulative Book List of British books
1928 CUNARD Hours Press founded by Nancy Cunard at La Chapelle, France
1863 CURWEN PRESS Curwen Press founded.
687 CUTHBERT, GOSPEL OF St. JOHN Undoubtedly one of history's most dramatic book exhumations involves a manuscript copy of the Gospel of St.John that was buried in the year 687 with the body of St. Cuthbert, bishop near Lindesfarne. Two hundred years later Danish invaders sacked the holy compund, carrying with them the remains of Cuthbert. In 1104 the carved wooden casket was opened and the Gospel, a manuscript written in uncial, was found perfectly preserved.
1830 CYLINDER Drum Cylinder Press by R.Hoe
1812 CYLINDER PRESS Cylinder Press, First built in Britain by Friedrich Konig
1774 CYLINDER PRESS König, Friedrich, d.1833. Inventor of the cylinder press
1782 CYLINDER PRINTING Dickinson, John, d.1869, inventor of the cylinder printing machine
1787 DAGUERRE Daguerre, Louis Jacq. Mande, d.1851, worked together with the inventor of photography, Niepce (d.1833) and developed daguerreotype process
1833 DAGUERREOTYPE Daguerreotype invented
1472 DANTE DIVINE COMEDY, first printed edition of Dante's epic poem
1768 DARLINGTON PRESS Darlington Press, private press, established atThe Grange ny George Allen
1828 DE VINNE De Vinne, Theodore, d.1914, American printer, co-founder of the Grolier Club
-150 DEAD SEA SCROLLS 150 BC - 40 AD Approximate dates of the Hebrew and Aramaic documents, Biblical and nonbiblical, found as scrolls sealed in ceramic pots in caves near the Dead Sea in 1957. Some are written on thin, whitish leather similar but not identical to parchment
1827 DEBERNEY ET PEIGNOT Deberny and Peignot, largest typefounding firm of France established, based on association by the novelist Balzac and printer Andre Barbier
1514 DENMARK CHRONICLE Denmark Chronicle printed by Ascenius in Paris
1934 DETECTIVE AND MYSTERY the first bookseller's catalogue devoted exclusively to detective fiction as a collecting specialty. According to Otto Penzler, in his "Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection," this was the 1934 catalogue of London dealer
George Bates entitled "Murder--Catalogue the Seventh of Rare and Interesting Books Illustrating the Development of the Detective and Mystery Story."
1648 DEVIL'S BIBLE Devil's Bible. When the Swedes stormed Prague in 1648 they took(stole) many books including the rich collection of the Bohemian kings at Hradschin, many vellum manuscripts, including the Devil's Bible
1782 DICKINSON Dickinson, John, d.1869, inventor of the cylinder printing machine
1730 DIDOT Didot, Francois-Ambroise, d.1804, oldest of Didot family, famous French printing family
1601 DIJCK, ELZEVIER Dijck, Christoffel van, d.1669, Amsterdam punchcutter, in 1673 his foundry was acquired by Daniel Elzevier
1440 DISCIPLINARIUM PLATONIS EPITOME Koberger, Anton, d.1513. Printer in Neuremberg since 1470. First dated book Disciplinarum Platonis Epitome, 1472
1935 DOLPHIN Dolphinn, The, American journal about the making of books, published until 1941
1839 DONNÉ, ALFRED Head of the Charité Clinic in Paris, Dr. Alfred Donné, was the first to announce success with etching daguerreotype plates.
1900 DOVES PRESS Doves Press established at Hammersmith, London by Cobden-Sanderson

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