1859 DOVES PRESS McLeish, Charles, d.1949. Binder of Edinburgh, worked for the Doves Bindery
1945 DROPMORE Dropmore Press founded by Lord Kermsley, London
1945 DROPMORE PRESS Dropmore Press acquires equipment Corvinus Press
1955 DRY COATED Dry Coated paper developed at the Battlefield Memorial Institute, Columbia
1465 DRYPOINT ENGRAVING The first drypoint engravings known in the history of prints are those of the MASTER OF THE HOUSEBOOK, active in Germany between 1465 and 1500. The technique was also used, though rarely, by Dürer, for example in his St. Jerome by a Pollard Willow (1512). The unsurpassed master was to be Rembrandt, who used drypoint on its own, or with etching.
1473 DUCALI Ducali bindings, from 1473-1600, bindings made for the edicts, decrees and governor's commisions issued by the Doges of Venice
1902 DUN EMER PRESS Dun Emer Press founded (later to be the Cuala Press) by Elizabeth Yeats (sister of the poet), Ireland
1471 DÜRER Durer, Albrecht, d.1528
1498 DÜRER Durer's Apocalypse series woodcuts
1508 EARLIEST GERMAN COLOUR WOODCUT The Emperor Maximilian on Horseback by Hans Burgkmair (1473-1531)
1290 EDDA Edda, Elder Edda (Saemundar Edda) written, presented to King Frederik III by the Icelandic bishop Brynjolfur Sveinsson, now in the Copenhagen Royal Library)
1461 EDELSTEIN Edelstein, der, by Ulrich Boner, printed by Albrecht Pfister of Bamberg, first printed book with woodcut illustrations
1890 EDINBURGH Edinburgh Bibliographical Society founded
1755 EDWARDS Edwards of Halifax binding firm founded by William Edwards of Yorkshire
1502 EGENOLFF Egenolff, Christian, d.1555, established press and foundry in Frankfurt 1530
1756 EGERTON Egerton, Francis Henry, d. 1829, bibliophile who donated a collection of 67 manuscripts to the British Museum
1540 EGERTON Egerton, Sir Thomas, d.1617, founder of one of the oldest private libraries in Britain; in 1917 a large portion of the archives was bought by Henry E. Huntington
1878 EHMCKE Ehmcke, Fritz Helmut, d.1965, German graphic artist and type designer, worked together with F.W.Kleukens
1909 EINHORN PRESSE Einhorn Press, Melchior Lechters private press founded
1410 ELLESMERE Ellesmere Chaucer, illustrated manuscript of the Canterbury Tales
1900 ELSTON PRESS Elston Press founded by C larke Conwell at New Rochelle, New York
1546 ELZEVIER Elzevier, Louis, d.1617, founder of Elzevier Press and publishing office (originally from Louvain, worked with Plantin in Antwerp and later settled in Leyden)
1954 ELZEVIER Elzevier. Publication of 'The world of the Elzevirs' by D.W.Davies
1531 EMBLEMATUM LIBER Emblem Books, the first anthology of emblems was printed in Augsburg by Heinrich Steiner: Emblematum Liber
1529 ENCHIRIDION Enchiridion der kleine Catechismus fur die gemeine Pfarher und Prediger, Gemehrt und gebessert durch Mart.Luther, Wittenberg
1738 ENGELMANN Engelmann, Gottfried, d.1839, lithograph printer, inventor of chromolythography in 1836
1703 ENSCHEDE Enschede Printing office founded in Haarlem by Izaac Enschede
1894 ERAGNY Eragny Press founded by Lucien Pisarro
1863 ERAGNY Pissarro,Lucien, d.1944 (Eragny Press)
1466 ERASMUS Erasmus, Desiderius, d.1536
1878 ERNST LUDWIG PRESS Kleukens, Friedrich Wilhelm, d.1956. German graphic arts teacher, director of Ernst Ludwig Press from 1907-1914. Founded the Kleukens Presse in 1919 and the Mainzer Presse in 1929.
1898 ESSEX HOUSE Essex House Press founded in London by Charles Robert Ashbee. Press closed in 1910
1493 ETCHING The earliest known etchings are by Daniel Hopfer, active at Augsburg between 1493 and 1536, the Swiss Urs Graf, and Dürer, who did five etchings on iron, among them The Agony in the Garden, and The Cannon. Lucas van Leyden (1489-1533) also used this technique on a few rare occasions. The earliest Italian etching is by Parmigianino (1503-1540), whose prints are more sketchy and spontaneous than those of the Northern artists. Etching is above all the medium of Rembrandt: with it he reached a depth and universality of expression never equalled in the history of prints.
1283 FABRIANO Fabriano, town inwhich first Italian papermill was established. Still name of an Italian handmade paper
1626 FACSIMILE Facsimile. first facsimile edition by Plantin, 16th century Martyrologium Hieronymianum (engraved on copper plates)
1662 FAITHORNE Faithorne,William: 'The Art of Graveing and Etching' published
1570 FANFARE Fanfare, until 1640, book cover decoration developed in France (interlacing ribbons)
1546 FARNESE Farnese. The Farnese Hours manuscript produced in Rome for Alessandro Cardinal Farnese. Presently in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
1068 FATIMITE Fatimite. Library of the Fatimite family (Cairo) destoyed by the Turks
1920 FAVIL PRESS Favil Press founded by P.Sainsbury of London, active until 1961
1528 FEIERABEND Feierabend, Sigmund, d.1590, woodcutter and typecutter, Heidelberg, Germany
1553 FERRARA Ferrara Bible printed by Abraham ibn Usque
1922 FIRST EDITION CLUB First Edition Club founded by A.J.A.Symons and Max Judge
1991 FIRST MAGAZINE The first issue of "Firsts: Collecting Modern First Editions,"
was published January 1991. According to the first
issue, its publishers felt there was no magazine aimed directly at collectors of modern first editions. In January 1995, the focus of "Firsts" was expanded and its title became "Firsts: The Book Collector's Magazine."
1868 FITZPATRICK Thomas Jefferson Fitzpatrick (1868-1952), *field collector* for the Iowa State Historical Society. 1913 he accepted a teaching position in the botany department at the University of Nebraska. He left an immense collection of books. The university of Nebraska took a *limited* selection of 10,000 books, pamphlets, magazines dealing specifically with botany and the history of science.
1701 FLEISCHMAN Fleischman, Johann Michael, d.1768, Nuremberg punchcutter
1922 FLEURON SOCIETY Fleuron Society founded by Holbrook Jackson, Francis Meynell, Bernard Newdigate, Stanley Morison and Oliver Simon
1912 FLYING FAME PRESS Flying Fame Press founded by Claude Lovat Fraser, Holbrook Jackson and Ralph Hodgson, active until firts WW
1250 FORE EDGE Fore Edge Painting, first on French psalter manuscript
1859 FORGERY Thomas J. Wise (1859-1937), best known for the forgeries of ninteenth-century pamphlets he cleverly produced and sold to unexpecting wealthy collectors.
1879 FORSTER E.M.Forster (1879-1970). HOWARDS END, 1910.
1420 FOUQUET Fouquet, Jean, d.1480, leading 15th century manuscript painter (Hours of Etienne de Chavalier)
1513 FRAKTUR Fraktur, first book printed in this type, Prayer book of Maximilian teh First
1534 FRANKFURT Frankfurt Bookfair
1706 FRANKLIN Franklin, Benjamin, d.1790, printer, publisher, statesman
1460 FROBEN Froben, Johann, d.1527, started printing in Basle 1491. Printer of Erasmus publications
1516 FROBEN Bible. Johan Froben of Basle published New Testament in Greek
1500 GARAMONT Garamont, Claude, d.1561. Parisian type designer and punchcutter
1399 GENSFLEISCH, GUTENBERG Gutenberg, Johann, d.1468, born in Mainz as Johann Gensfleisch zum Gutenberg
1882 GILL Gill, Eric, d.1940
1920 GOLDEN COCKEREL Golden Cockerel Press, founded by Harold Taylor
1927 GOLDEN HIND Golden Hind Pres founded by Arthur Rushmore, active until 1955
1903 GONCOURT Prix Goncourt, since 1903
1822 GONCOURT Edmond de Goncourt (1822-1896) he and his brother jules achieved widespread fame as collaborative artists and novelists of French manners. His library, Bibliothèque Goncourt, was offered for sale in 1987.
1865 GOUDY Goudy, Frederic W., d.1947, American type designer.
1804 GOULD John Gould (1804-1881), British ornithologist and artist.
1919 GRABHORN PRESS Grabhorn Press founded by Robert and Edwin Grabhorn
1814 GRAESSE Graesse, Johann, d.1885, wrote Tresor de Livres rares et precieux
1666 GRANDJEAN Grandjean de Fouchy, Philippe, d.1714, Parisian punchcutter, a.o. 'Romain du Roi'
1545 GRANJON Granjon, Robert, d.1589, Paris/Lyon, punchcutter and typedesigner
1556 GRANJON Civilite, designed by Robert Granjon.
1914 GRAPHIC ARTS Founding of American Institute of Graphic Arts
1661 GREEN, SAMUEL Bible. first bible published in America by Samuel Green (John Eliot's Algonquin Indian version)
1922 GREGYNOG PRESS Gregynog Press founded by Gwendoline and Margaret Davies, Wales
1501 GRIFFO Manutius. First time use of Francescop Griffo's *Italic* type by Manutius
1884 GROLIER Grolier Club, founded by Theodore de Vinne, robert Hoe a.o.'s
1510 GROLIER Grolier was in Italy as a French legate from 1510-1537
1479 GROLIER Grolier, Jean, d.1565. Famous French bibliphile, famous for the bindings of his books
1468 GUTENBERG Gutenberg dies February 3rd
1399 GUTENBERG Gutenberg.Year of birth Gutenberg
1454 GUTENBERG Gutenberg. publication of Turkenkalender (Fust, Schöffer, Gutenberg (??)
1857 HAEBLER Haebler, Konrad, d.1946. German bibliographer, research and writings on incunabula. Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke
1430 HAINAUT, CHRONIQUE Weyden, Rogier van der, d.1464, illustration in Chronique du Haunaut.
1841 HALF TONE Meisenbach, Georg, d.1912. Inventor of half-tone reproduction
1467 HAN Italy. First book printed in Rome by Ulrich Han
1869 HARLEIAN Harleian Society for the printing of heraldic material
1890 HARRIS PRESS Harris Press, American automatic platen press
1850 HEIDELBERG Heidelberg, First press made by Andreas Hamm

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