1822 HELIOGRAPHY Invented by Niépce. He made his first photograph in 1826.
1943 HIGH HOUSE PRESS High House Press closed (founded in 1924 by James Masters)
1924 HIGH HOUSE PRESS High House Press founded by James Masters in Shaftesbury
-1900 HITTITES Hittites, from between 1900 and 1200 BC, left appr. 15,000 clay tablets
1917 HOGART PRESS Hogart Press founded by Leonard and Virginia Woolf
1538 HOLBEIN Dance of Death with Holbein's illustrations printed in Lyon by Gaspar and Melchior Treschel
1523 HOLBEIN Holbein's Dance of Death drawn.
1497 HOLBEIN Holbein, Hans, d.1543.
1538 HOLBEIN Holbein's Dance of Death published in Lyons
1932 HOLBROOK Holbrook, Jackson. The fear of Books, published
1673 HOLLANDER Hollander, paperpulp beating machine, probably by Jacob Honingh in Zaandijk, Holland
1563 HONDIUS Hondius, Jodocus, d.1612, Dutch map engraver
1465 HOUSEBOOK, MASTER OF THE The first drypoint engravings known in the history of prints are those of the MASTER OF THE HOUSEBOOK, active in Germany between 1465 and 1500. The technique was also used, though rarely, by Dürer, for example in his St. Jerome by a Pollard Willow (1512).
1883 HUNTER Hunter, Dard, d.1966. Leading authority on papermaking
1850 HUNTINGTON Henry E. Huntington (1850-1927), millionaire entrepreneur built a library on the grounds of an old orange grove in Sam Marino in Southwest California. Library is amongst the finest in the world.
1859 HUPP Hupp, Otto, German engraver and type-cutter
1906 IABA International Antiquarian Booksellers Assoc. founded
1725 IBARRA Ibarra, Joaquim, d.1785, printer in Madrid, court printer to Carlos III
1942 ILAB International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) founded
1840 ILLSTRATED LONDON NEWS Illustrated London News founded
1840 ILLUSTRATION Illustration, first issue
1840 ILLUSTRIERTE ZEITUNG Illustrierte Zeitung first issue published
1640 IMITATIONE CHRISTI Imprimerie Royale du Louvre established at the instigation of Richelieu, first book published 'De Imitatione Christi'
1913 IMPRINT, The Imprint, The, periodical established by Charles Meynell, Edward Johnston and J.H.Mason
1976 INK JET Ink-jet printing announced by IBM
1902 INSEL Insel Verlag founed in Leipzig by Rudolf von Pöllnitz
1477 INTAGLIO Intaglio. First book with intaglio illustrations 'Il Monte Sancto di Dio' published in Florence
1951 IOWA STATE LIBRARY Iowa State University Library erected
1967 ISBN ISBN started in Britain
1733 JACKSON Jackson, Joseph, d.1792, London typecutter and founder
1580 JANNON Jannon, Jean, d.1658, Geneva, punchcutter, typefounder and printer, worked in Sedan, France.
1620 JANSON Janson, Anton, d.1687. Dutch typefounder, trained in Amsterdam by Christophel Plantin
1596 JANSSON Jansson, Joannes, d. 1664, Dutch printer and publisher, famous for his atlasses
1907 JANUS PRESSE Janus Presse, established in Leipzig by Carl Ernst Poeschel and walter Tiemann
1420 JENSON Jenson, Nocolaus, d. 1480, punchcutter and printer of Venice
1746 JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY Johnson's Dictionary, made in England, between 1746 and 1773
1872 JOHNSTON Johnston, Edward, d.1944, British teacher of calligraphy
1860 JONES Jones, George W., d. 1942, Bitish master printer, founded The British Typographia in 1887
1540 KEERE Keere, Hendrik van den, d.1580. Punchcutter, binder and printer in Ghent, Belgium
800 KELLS Kells, Book of. written and painted at the Columbian monastery of Iona or at the Abbey of Kells in Ireland. 340 folia survived. Since 1661 in Trinity College, Dublin
1891 KELMSCOTT Kelmscott Press founded by William Morris and Emery Walker
1893 KELMSCOTT CHAUCER Chaucer edition by William Morris, Kelmscott Chaucer
1899 KESSLER Insel Verlag founded by Harry Kessler
1856 KESSLER, GEORG First general treatise on the various applications of photography to the printing press published by Georg Kessler in Berlin.
1874 KIPPENBERG Kippenberg, Anton, d.1950. From 1905 director of Insel-Verlag
1919 KLEUKENS Kleukens Presse founded by Friedrich Kleukens.
1878 KLEUKENS Kleukens, Friedrich Wilhelm, d.1956. German graphic arts teacher, director of Ernst Ludwig Press from 1907-1914. Founded the Kleukens Presse in 1919 and the Mainzer Presse in 1929.
1929 KLEUKENS Mainzer Presse founded by Friedrich Kleukens
1869 KLINGSPOR Klingspor, Karl, d.1950. Typefounder of Offenbach am Main, Germany
1838 KNIGHT Knight, Charles, patented a method of color printing in which four relief blocks of wood or metal rotated and impressed in turn on to a sheet of paper
1483 KOBERGER Cologne Bible by Anton Koberger of Nuremberg
1440 KOBERGER Koberger, Anton, d.1513. Printer in Neuremberg since 1470. First dated book Disciplinarum Platonis Epitome, 1472
1774 KÖNIG, FRIEDRICH König, Friedrich, d.1833. Inventor of the cylinder press
1531 KRAUSE Krause, Jakob, d.1586. German bookbinder, active in Paris , Augsburg and Dresden
1892 KRIMPEN Krimpen, Jan van, d.1958. Dutch type designer, artistic adviser of Enschede printing company. Types: Lutetia, Romulus, Antigone, Romanee, Spectrum and Canceleresca
1923 KUNERA Kunera Press, Zilverdistel Press, founded 1910, was renamed Kunera Press in 1923
1799 LAMBINET Lambinet, Pierre, published his Recherches Historiques sur l'Origine de l'Imprimerie at Brussels
-500 LAO TZE Lao-Tze's lifetime, was said to have been archivist of the imperial archives
1906 LAROUSSE Larousse. Publication of 'Le Petit Larousse Illustre'
1817 LAROUSSE Larousse, Pierre, d.1875, founder in 1856 of Parisian publishing house
1808 LAURENZIANA Laurenziana. The Laurenziana and Marciana libraries of the Medici's combined in Flrence now forming the Biblioteca Mediceco-Laurenziana
1525 LAURENZIANA Laurenziana. Michelangelo erects building for the Bibliotheca Laurenziana (De Medici collection)
-950 LEATHER USED FOR SCROLLS Leather is made and used for scrolls and writing.
1493 LEEU Leeu, Gerard, d.1493, printer at Gouda, Holland
1889 LEGRAIN Legrain, Pierre, d.1929, French bookbinder
1594 LEIPZIG Leipzig bookfair
1800 LENOX Lenox, James, d.1880, American bookcollector, first to import 42-lines Gutenberg into the USA
-39 LIBERTAS TEMPLE Libertas. Asinius Pollio establishes first public library in Rome at the Libertas Temple
1891 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Lessing J. Rosenwald, d. 1979. Former chairman of Sears, Roebuck Co. gave to the nation 2,600 exquisite volumes, the greates benefaction in the Library of Congress' history, including an enormous two volume illuminated manuscript known as the Great Bible of Mainz. produced in 1452, this book is thought to have influenced motifs and ornamentation used in the design of Gutenbergs 42 line bible, which was printed in the same year. Other treasures included Prolemy's COSMOGRAPHIA; William Blake's SONGS OF INNOCENCE AND OF EXPERIENCE; the only known copy of the first edition of the English version of the Lohengrin legend, THE KNIGHT OF THE SWAN and the only ilustrated book published by Manutius, Colonna's HYPNEROTOMACHIA POLIPHILI.
1800 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Congress. Library of Congress Washington founded
1929 LIMITED EDITIONS Limited Editions Club founded
700 LINDISFARNE Lindisfarne Gospels written on 258 leaves (link to on-line reproductions: )
1854 LINOTYPE Mergenthaler, Ottmar, d.1899 from Hachtel, Germany, invented linotype in 1884
1886 LINOTYPE Linotype invented by Otto Mergenthaler
1953 LION AND UNICORN Lion and Unicorn Press by students of the Royal College of Art, London
1796 LITHOGRAPHY Lithography experiments by Senefelder
1798 LITHOGRAPHY The best kind of limestone is Bavarian. Light coloured and perfectly smooth, it is porous and absorbs both water and greasy substances equally well. The stone used is about six inches thick and is fairly big, up to 90x65 cm (35x25 inches), and can weigh up to 150 or 175 pounds. The stone is ground smooth. The drawing is made on it with a greasy lithographic pencil or crayon, and then fixed by rinsing the stone with a very weak solution of nitric acid and gum arabic. The stone is wiped with water before each impression is taken and, for each print, it is inked by means of a leather-covered roller. During this operation, the porous limestone retains the grease of the crayon where the drawing has been made, and the parts which are not drawn upon become impregnated with water. The ink, which is greasy, is repelled by the water-wet areas and adheres only to the areas marked by the crayon. See also: Senefelder.
1832 LITHOGRAPHY, RAUCOURT Raucourt's 'A Manual of Lithography' published
1798 LITOGRAPHY Lithography invented by Senefelder
1522 LOTTER Luther, Melchior Lotter printed the first edition of Luthers' translation of the New Testament
1536 LOTTER Lotter, Melchior, d.1536, printer of Leipzig, friend of Luther
1912 LOVAT FRASER Flying Fame Press founded by Claude Lovat Fraser, Holbrook Jackson and Ralph Hodgson, active until firts WW
1874 LOWELL, AMY Amy Lowell (1874-1925). The greatest of all American women collectors. Today her collection is housed in its own room on the second floor of the Houghton Library at Harvard University.
1695 LUCE Luce, Louis-Rene, d.1774, punchcutter working for the Imprimerie Royal
1495 LUFFT Lufft, Hans, d.1584, printer-publisher of Wittenberg
1953 LURS Lurs. Ecole de lure, annual international graphic arts retreat initiated by Maximilien Vox at Lurs-en-Provence
1522 LUTHER Luther, Melchior Lotter printed the first edition of Luthers' translation of the New Testament
1517 LUTHER Luthers fight against the Roman Catholic church starts. This is considered to be the first revolution of ideas supported by the fast and wide spread of written information thanks to the invention of printing
1534 LUTHER Luther. First complete Luther bible translation, illustrated, was printed by Hans Lufft at Wittenberg
590 LUXEUIL Luxeuil. Monastery founded by Columban, first monastery in Gaul. Irish Monks brought along numerous manuscripts
1969 MAGNASCAN Colour scanner Crosfield Electronics 'Magnascan'
1686 MAGNUS Magnus, Albertus (d.) important 17th century Amsterdam bookbinder, amongst others Elzevier Bibles
1937 MAILLOL Maillol. Les Pastorales ou Daphnis et Chloe with woodcuts by Aristide Maillol
1457 MAINZ PSALTER Mainz Psalter by Fust and Schoffer
1929 MAINZER PRESSE Mainzer Presse founded by Friedrich Kleukens
1471 MALERMI Malermi Bible (Italian translation of the Vulgate) first printed in Venice by Wendelin da Spira
1883 MALIN Malin, Charles, d.1955, Parisain punchcutter who in 1926 cut the punches for Eric Gill's Perpetua type
1916 MALL PRESS Mall Press founded in London by Emery Walker and Bruce Rogers
1425 MANSION Mansion, Colard, d.1484, one of the leading calligraphers in Bruges, Belgium
1475 MANSION, COLARD Belgium, First books printed by Colard Mansion of Bruges
1810 MANUEL DU LIBRAIRE Brunet's Manuel du Libraire et de l'amateur de livres published.
1495 MANUTIUS Manutius, Greek Grammar, first book published by Manutius
1450 MANUTIUS Manutius. year of birth Aldus Manutius (Teobaldo Manucci), d.1515
1499 MANUTIUS Hypnerotomachia Poliphili printed by Manutius
1501 MANUTIUS Manutius. Virgil edition; first book by Aldus Manutius in octavo format
1515 MANUTIUS Manutius, year inwhich Manutius died
1495 MANUTIUS Griffo, Francesco, cut 'old face' roman type for Aldus Manutius
1501 MANUTIUS Manutius. First time use of Francescop Griffo's *Italic* type by Manutius
1495 MANUTIUS Manutius, Edition of Aristotle in five volumes, first complete edition in Greek, printed/published between 1495-1498
800 MARBLING Marbling in Japan, first Turkish marbled paper 1586, first Dutch 1598
1441 MARCIANA Marciana. Bibliotheca Marciana founded by Cosimo de Medici
1892 MARDERSTEIG Mardersteig, Giovanni, d.1977. founder of Officina Bodoni
1553 MARGUERITE DE FRANCE Marguerite de France, d.1615. Wife of Henry IV of France, important bookcollector amongst others items from library of Duke de Berry
1809 MARMIER Xavier Marmier (1809-1892), a member of the Académie Française, bequeathed his books to the public library in Pontarlier. In memory of the happy moments passed among the book stall keepers on the quays of the Left Bank he left the, the sum of 1,000 francs..
1425 MARMION Marmion, Simon, d.1489. Flemish miniature painter, amongst others Grandes Chroniques de France for Philip the Good
1848 MARX Marx, Karl: 'Das Kapital' published
1643 MAZARIN Mazarin, First Mazarin bibliotheque opened for scientists and literary scholars

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