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The Enduring Legacy of Paper Bindings
A small exhibition of paper bindings from the special collections of the Fales Library in NYU's Bobst Library, accompanying the Spring 1998 Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Lecture entitled The Enduring Legacy of Paper Bindings: Historical Review and Preservation Concerns, given by Michèle Cloonan at the Fales Library.
Skin of silk: textile bookbinding in Spain
The rooms of the National Museum of Ornamental Arts will welcome starting from upcoming month of March, the exhibition "Skin of Silk: textile bookbinding in Spain", giving us the opportunity to admire and to see, works of art that will be exposed for the first time. The sample will gather a selection of books bound in cloths and embroideries from the XIII century until our times, being able to contemplate the evolution that this art presents. This evolution can be admired through outstanding masters exhibiting different historical styles that were not well-known embroideries in Spain but however, were the main characteristic of the old textile bookbindings in Europe. One of the objectives that the Association for the Development of the Art of Bookbinding (AFEDA)-, seeks, is to familiarize this artistic expression to the general public, keeping in mind that until the moment it was restricted to a very reduced cultural public.
The Center for Book Arts is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional crafts of bookmaking, as well as contemporary interpretations of the book as an art object. Founded in 1974, it was the first non-profit organization of its kind in the nation, and has since become a model for others around the world. The Center has organized over 135 exhibitions related to the art of the book, involving over 2700 artists, and more than 200 artists a year use our fully-equipped printshop and bindery to create new works which reflect centuries of craft tradition. Each year the Center offers over 120 courses, workshops, and seminars, as well as services to artists, including an intern and apprenticeship program, special publications, workspace rentals, an artist slide registry, and emerging artists' exhibitions. With the support of numerous foundations, corporations, individual contributors, and over 700 members worldwide, the Center for Book Arts ensures that the ancient craft of the book -- that container which preserves and transmits the knowledge and ideas of a culture -- remains a viable and vital part of our civilization.
Classes in Bookbinding
Wells College Book Arts Center
"Bookbinding today is such a diverse field, with so many directions to take, that in one semester a teacher can only begin to scratch the surface and point out some of those directions. One student may become interested in book conservation, another may wish to pursue preservation administration, another to learn everything she can about becoming a hand bookbinder, a design binder, an edition binder, a restorer, a book artist, or a marbler. Still others may simply be able to take away a historical appreciation of the book as a physical object or artifact."
Westray Bookbinder is a small hand bindery that has been in business in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1969. We specialize in custom bookbinding, including:
  • book restoration
  • art and photography portfolios
  • blank books and custom photo albums
  • multiple binding up to 200 copies
  • rebinding of old books
  • hard cover binding of individual paperbacks, manuscripts, or theses.

. . . . A traditional hand bindery offering a full line of bookbinding services . . .
. . . with combined experience of over 45 years, we have done work for the Library of Congress, National Gallery of Art, Penn State Rare Book Room, and many rare book dealers and collectors.

Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc.
dedicated to serving public, private, corporate and research libraries with products and services relating to the conservation and preservation of their collections. We also strive to provide such services as are required by individuals, businesses, schools and other governmental agencies for the binding, conservation and preservation of books, periodicals and vital records.
AFEDA (Madrid)
This exhibition is titled:
Arte y diseno en el libro
M a e s t r o s e n c u a d e r n a d o r e s
1920 - 1970

includes the work of ROSE ADLER, PAUL BONET, EMILIO BRUGALLA, GERMAINE DE COSTER/HELENE DUMAS, PAUL CRETTE, HENRI CREUZEVAULT, MADELEINE GRAS, RENE KIEFFER, PIERRE-EMILE LEGRAIN, PIERRE-LUCIEN MARTIN, HENRI MERCHER & THERESE MONCEY. There are almost 50 items accompanied by illustrations from Picasso, Bonnard, Matisse, Dufy, Braque and a host of other equally talented artists.
Kez van Oudheusden
Very nice site of Australian bookartist and bookbinder. mail Address: Graduate of the East Sydney Art School ~ Commercial Art. From Kez's resume: "I am a member of the Brisbane City Council's Local Festival and Cultural Grants committee. For the previous two years I was an executive member of Queensland Community Arts Network and member of the working party for Network News, the QCAN publication. My own practice includes bookbinding and I have exhibited and sold artists books through galleries within the Brisbane area as well as tutored bookbinding workshops in Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns. As a former freelance community artist I have an understanding of the problems faced within the arts community and am constantly endeavouring to ensure a secure arts base for community arts and cultural development in Queensland."
Josée Van Loon
Fine Bookbinding, Conservation of Books and Archives, Paper, leather and parchment.
On search to cooperate with bookworkers in Europe and abroad to create a multidisciplinar network in the field of education in bookbinding and conservation
Josée Van Loon is on search to cooperate with bookworkers in Europe and abroad to establish a project in bookbinding and conservation with the aim to exchange and connect conservators trough a European multidisciplinary network of bookworkers interested in binding, conservation and restoration of archives and books, and of Art on paper.
Aim Through a multidisciplinary project, exchange ideas and techniques to make progres in the traditional production and conservation of classical carriers of writing, and Art. It is striking to see that young cultures such as the USA are much more concerned about this problem than we do in "the old Europe". I would like to develop with you a network of international contacts by actively seeking cooperation with schools, institutions, and places of work in other countries and by participating in the EU's exchange schemes for students and teachers. The European community provides several possibilities to exchange students and teachers (e.g. Erasmus , Socrates, Leonardo , Kaleidoscope ,...).
Personal background I am living in Belgium , Hekers 2 B9052 Zwijnaarde (Ghent), Phone & fax: 32-(0)9-221.33.68. In the following pages I am leaving some more personal details about myself. Hope to see you,...
The book arts and a whole lot more. Austin, Texas
"BookLab.Com is dedicated to the book arts and related fields. I guess the key word is "related". We hope over time and as this host site grows that these relationships will become clearer. We extend our invitation to binders, librarians, printers, artists, designers, readers, book lovers, futurists, or anyone that can imagine a connection to come and explore. "
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  • BookLab.Com Classified Ads Announcements and help and job wanted postings in the general areas of book and paper arts, crafts, preservation and conservation. This site includes an easy to use posting cgi so you can add your own announcement or job ad.
  • Dry Frio Bindery The Dry Frio Bindery, owned and operated by Gary and Cecilia Frost in the Texas Hill Country.
  • BookLab, Inc. BookLab is well known in the library preservation and limited edition publishing communities. This is where you can find out more about the company BookLab and learn about changes and future plans.
  • BookLab BookNotes The popular series of essays published by BookLab, Inc. is now available on line.

discuss issues related to BookLab interests as well as its products and services. They have been published for the information and amusement of all those interested in the future of books. New topics and comments are welcome.
  1. Hand Bookbinding
  2. Library Conservation
  3. Future of the Paper Book

Founded in 1984, BookLab opened as a two-person hand bookbindery operating in a garage; thirteen years later, we have a well-equipped 13,000 square foot facility. Our reputation for producing high-quality products, our willingness to meet unique job specifcations, and our innovation in product development have driven our growth. Today, in addition to our preservation photocopy services, we offer custom boxmaking and limited-edition bookbinding.
Dry Frio Bindery
Hand Bookbinding of the Past and the Future. The Dry Frio Bindery, owned and operated by Gary and Cecilia Frost, is located on Seco Creek Road fifteen miles east of Utopia in the heart of the Texas hill country. The mainstay work of the bindery is CMR, collections maintenance repair, for libraries. The bindery repairs many intriguing, out-of-print texts in a variety of bindings and conditions, so the work is always interesting. In between repair work the bindery produces teaching sets of historical bookbindings. This Historical Set of accurate models enables students to manipulate and investigate the physical features of bookbindings providing a lasting impression of the innovations in the mechanism of the codex and a direct experience of Book Action.
Denver Bookbinding Company, Inc.
Denver Bookbinding Company, Inc. was established in 1929, in downtown Denver, Colorado and family owned since 1946. We are one of Colorado's women owned businesses and have been a member of the International Library Binding Institute since 1952. At Denver Bookbinding we use a unique blend of old world craftsmanship and new world technology to provide the finest hard cover bindery service in America. Using the same perfected process we have recently developed an outstanding line of custom menu covers, currently complimenting the settings of some of the finest restaurants in Denver, the U.S. and Europe.
Long's-Roullet Bookbinders, Inc.
A certified library binder that has served institutions, businesses, and individuals for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on high-quality, affordable bookbinding services. Whether you need one or one thousand books bound or rebound, whether it's a book you wrote or a 200-year old classic, we will work with you to find the best option for your books.
Ginesta & Gross
264 West 40th Street. 9th floor, New York NY 10018 (212) 302-0303
Ginesta & Gross follows a five generation tradition of excellence in bookbinding. The art of restoration is proudly practiced by master bookartists. We would like to introduce you to our unique workshop which is a wonderful blend of traditional craft with modern technology.
Rue de Blauzaguet - 30700 BLAUZAC - FRANCE
•Books ... for book lovers
•Binding ... for the curious
•Restoration ... for the hard-liners
•Our workshops ... book lovers, curious and hard-liners all welcome
Tel. +33 (0)4 66 81 08 08 Fax. +33 (0)4 66 81 09 09 E-mail:
OUR WORKSHOPS ... book-lovers, the curious and the hard-liners all welcome
Situated in a charming village near the the Pont du Gard in the south of France, we are able to meet all your requirements (from standard binding to traditional binding as an art form). With sixteen years’ experience in this field and a team of ten in our workshops, we can handle both large quantities and one-off items with equal effectiveness.
Following the massive flooding in Nimes in 1988, our workshops were able to rescue tonnes of documents, books, newspapers and prints. These were frozen immediately, freeze-dried and disinfected in 1989 and then gradually restored.
Since 1991 we have been specialising in the restoration of archives, and our new premises, which we moved to in 1994, are equipped with a technical laboratory (for desacidification, paper pulp sealing, suction cleaning, lining by heat-sealing, etc.)
Wallaceburg Bookbinding
is a family owned business that was started in 1962. We currently serve libraries across Canada and parts of the U.S.A. Regular pickup and delivery service is offered with bindery vehicles in southern Ontario (Windsor to Ottawa), Nova Scotia, P.E.I., New Brunswick and lower Michigan. As members of the Library Binding Institute, we offer Class 'A' library binding as well as a variety of economy class bindings, rare book restoration and mixed media storage products.
Traditional Book Arts
We offer custom design and production services in traditional book crafts, such as hand bookbinding, manuscripts, and calligraphy & illumination. We specialize in the styles of the Renaissance and Mediaeval period.
The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training provided the necessary funds to make this multimedia tool possible.
Iris Nevins - Decorative Papers
Fine Quality traditional style hand-marbled papers since 1978.
For information about marbled papers we invite you to visit our papermaking page
Bookbinders page with ‘Bookbinders Toolbox’ and links to relevant sites
Site of Dutch bookbinder/bookartist; images of some of his bindings and information on his book activities. In his site you will find a brief description of some techniques and principles used in modern restauration. Samples of stages in restauration; before and after treatment.Examples of his work show the combination of various materials in books and bookstructures. A growing and interesting site.(the image on top of this page is after a bookart object made by Cor Knops; visit his site if you want more information). Cor Knops has separate pages with information about materials used in bookbinding. A tutorial on German Case (Bradel) Binding can be the next step in electronic courses bookbinding.
Denis Gouey specializes in fine bookbinding and restoration of books as well as preservation and presentation of important documents , photographs , artwork , etc..
Buchbinderei M. J. Decker, Bookbindery
Eine Handwerksbuchbinderei, arbeitet in bester Qualität nach traditioneller Technik.
Arjay the Bookbinder
describes a bookbinding business which handles unique jobs in 8.5X11" format books. The latest job was a woman who wanted her email loveletters between herself and her boyfriend made into a book for him as a present.. It's a combination of hardbound book binding and "anything goes" content production.
The Book Doctor, Dr. Brian A. Roberts
For an academic, a book represents an intellectual artefact full of interesting and challenging content. For the bookbinder, on the other hand, a book represents an object of beauty, fine craftmanship and aesthetics. Interest in these two different worlds of books has led Brian Roberts to study and practise the art of fine hand bookbinding. Roberts’ major education as a bookbinder took place in Germany where he studied for four and a half years with Gerhard Weiß who was the bookbinder at the State Library in Lippe-Detmold. Additional studies in North America have been with Reg Beatty in Toronto, Timothy Ely in New York and Betsy Eldridge in Toronto. Roberts is an active member of theCanadian Bookbinders and Book Artist Guild (CBBAG) and also the Guild of Bookworkers in the USA. Occasionally he publishes technical articles in the CBBAG Newsletter and serves as the Audio-visual Co-ordinator for the Guild.
Books and Bindings Restoration , Israelian bookbinder. Homepage can be viewed in Hebrew.
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd., is a company of almost 200 years standing which has extensive experience in the production of fine leathers for bookbinding and book conservation and restoration. As well as the production of leather, they also supply a comprehensive range of equipment, materials, tools and consumables which cater for every conceivable need of the craft, restoration and conservation bookbinder. Customers include larger national and international institutions, such as libraries, museums and universities, commercial and trade bookbinders, right down to smaller profesional and amateur binders working from home.
bookbinding & paper conservation private practice, Providing conservation treatment of books, documents, maps, art on paper, etc. Site with very attractive typographical layout
Bookbinding and Paper Arts in the Rocky Mountains. Workshop that June of 1996 is Celebrating it's First Year!
Teaching workshop basic bookbinding techniques, focusing on the hardbound book. Japanese and pamphlet sewing included.
Stanford's University graduate library, Green Library; the undergraduate library, Meyer Library; and all of the branch libraries; rely upon a commercial binder, General Bookbinding, for their binding needs. With the closing of the Stanford Press Book Binder in 1975, the University was in need of a commercial binder. After going to bid and examining the quality and value of various binders, the University selected General Bookbinding as their commercial binder.
Personal homepage of bookbinder.
Information about restoration of old family bibles with "before" and "after" images.
in Vancouver. Philip Smith is one of the world's pre-eminent bookbinders. His experiments and innovations have redefined modern bookbinding and enriched creativity through the art form of the book. Author of New Directions in Bookbinding and The Book: Art & Object, Philip Smith's works have been exhibited world-wide, with examples residing in many notable public and private collections. With samples of his work.
homepage of two binders.
Exhibitions, workshops, publications, new conference page, bookarts links, large quantity of links to binding, papermaking, marbling, schools...A GREAT SITE FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN BOOKARTS AND BOOK TECHNIQUES!
text written after consultation with the staff of the University of Iowa Book Conservation Laboratory....oriented towards the preservation of the contents of decaying pulp paperbacks.
Now in its thirteenth year, Paper & Book Intensive is a working sabbatical for practitioners and serious students in the book arts, papermaking, and conservation. Daily class sessions are combined with lectures, discussions, and shared meals, to promote unusual levels of exchange and inspiration.
Bookbindery, specializes in small orders and specialized binding. Serves the graphic arts community, writers, libraries, rare book collectors, artist and others. With many links to related sites.
12 bindings and boxes by Peter Verheyen.
has developed a unique binding process that transforms inexpensive paperbacks into longlasting, attractive hardbound books.
interactive network of binders and binderies, looseleaf, mechanical, trade and book..
Information Conservation, Inc. (ICI) owns and operates eight library binderies which serve more than 6,000 customers across the United States. ICI's Conservation Division preserves and restores books and art on paper. Document Reproduction Services offers archival photocopying and print-and-bind-on-demand services. Hoag & Sons' Book Bindery, Inc., a subsidiary of Binding Unlimited, Inc., is a newspaper bindery. These services are also available to individuals in all 50 states.
with section custom & handbinding: At Cardoza-James many rare aspects of the bookbinder's art are preserved. Several skilled artisans specialize in hand work, from simple theses to truly unique portfolio boxes, presentation pieces, photo albums, and archival volumes. In many cases a review of the wide range of binding styles offered can lead individual designs into areas you never knew were available. From traditional quarter bound leather and marbled paper volumes to Japanese string binding to the avant garde...
A dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. ( The succinct definitions and explanations, as well as the biographical vignettes, contained in this dictionary will be a boon to those who seek this kind of information. Those concerned, whether they are practicing binders, technicians, rare book librarians, collectors, or simply laymen, will find this a welcome source of answers to their questions. Not the least of these is the one frequently asked during long service in the Library of Congress as Chief of the Rare Book Division. How can I best treat the leather bindings in my personal library ? But this is only one of the thousands of questions to which this dictionary provides the ready answers. The text speaks accurately and helpfully to all those who will seek it out and profit from the immense amount of information it presents in a lucid and comprehensible form)

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