The Bibliofind Mailing Lists


A mailing list is a sort of electronic bulletin board which emails to all subscribers messages posted by any subscriber. There are already a number of mailing lists for people interested in antiquarian books.

The Bibliofind lists are distinctive in that they have a narrower focus than many. This means that you will not have to go through large numbers of messages each day to find the few that are of real interest to you.

It costs nothing to subscribe to any one of our lists, and you may subscribe to as many of them as you wish. You may join our mailing lists even if you do not subscribe to Bibliofind itself.

We welcome your suggestions for subjects on which additional lists can be based. In particular, we want to encourage regional mailing lists and we'll happily establish them for regional or national booksellers' associations, book collectors' clubs, etc. Our objective is to build a richly varied menu of lists so that all who use Bibliofind will be better informed than ever before about developments and opportunities in the global community of antiquarian booksellers.

We ask that anyone posting to our lists respect generally-accepted standards of courtesy, and we will remove a subscriber who violates them.

The Bibliofind mailing lists are: (see next section for information on how to subscribe to these lists):

To subscribe

to the Bibliofind Mailing Lists send an email message to

There is no need to write anything in the "Subject" line of your email.

In the body of the email message write the word "join" (without quotation marks) followed by the code of the list to which you want to subscribe and either your name or the word "anonymous". You may enter more than one in a single message, but each should be on a new line and should include the word "join" and your name or "anonymous". PLEASE BE CAREFUL not to include a "signature" at the bottom of your message. (You can also subscribe by following the shortcut described below)

The codes for Bibliofind's Mailing Lists are as follows:

Bibliofind News: news
Bibliofind Rare: rare
Bibliofind ModernFirsts:modernfirsts
Bibliofind WTB: wtb
Bibliofind BFS<$100: bfsunder100
Bibliofind BFS>$100: bfsover100
Bibliofind Regional Australia and New Zealand: ANZ
Bibliofind Sporting Books: sports

To subscribe to all or many of the Bibliofind Mailing Lists copy the following lines:

join news anonymous
join rare anonymous
join modernfirsts anonymous
join wtb anonymous
join bfsunder100 anonymous
join bfsover100 anonymous
join anz anonymous
join sports anonymous

Then click on this link and paste the lines you have just copied into the body of your email message (you can then delete any you do not wish to join).

There is no need to write anything in the "Subject" line of your email.

How to Post a Message:

To "post" a message - that is, to send it to everyone on a mailing list - simply enter the following formula in the "To" line of your email page: [code]

A posting to Bibliofind News, for example, would be addressed to

As a courtesy to your fellow subscribers, please be sure that your message is appropriate to the mailing list to which you are sending it.

To Unsubscribe, or Leave a List:

address your email to:
in the body of the message write LEAVE [code]

Thus, to unsubscribe from Bibliofind News write: leave news

Please note: Bibliofind, Inc. offers no warranty as to performance, or any other warranties expressed or implied. The user assumes the entire risk of using information and services supplied by the Bibliofind mailing lists, and Bibliofind, Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for the information made available on the Bibliofind mailing lists, or for any losses, damages, inconvenience, etc., which may result directly or indirectly from the use thereof. All transactions between buyer and seller arising directly or indirectly from information made available on Bibliofind mailing lists are the responsibility of buyer and seller, and are not the responsibility of Bibliofind, Inc.