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Women in the Book Arts: A Selection
This exhibition is designed to show the diversity of recent works by women book artists. The art of the book in the late twentieth century has come a long way from the artist's book of the early 1900's with traditional text and illustrations. In terms of both text and format, many innovative women are exploring the limits of what a book is, and the results of their efforts can be appreciated in this sampling. The artists represented here range in age from their twenties to their sixties. Each book varies in design, format and content. Most of them include some form of letterpress printing -- that is, printing by hand with moveable type. In many instances, the book's binding and paper are made and decorated by hand as well. Some of the books are narrative, some contain poetry, and some have no words, but tell a story through illustrations and images. In putting together this exhibition, I asked each artist to send me a photograph of themselves in their studio or with their artwork. I also asked them to describe, in their own words what their influences and inspirations were in creating their books, and how their careers in the Book Arts evolved. In this way, each artist was able to explain what their books and their careers as artists mean to them. I hope their voices will provide inspiration to future book artists, here at Wellesley and beyond.
The Journal as Artist's Book
An exhibition from
a Wintersession Workshop
First Contact
First contact is a most interesting artist-book by a Dutch book artist. Order on line....
Paintings and book arts
Ellen Kieffer
My involvement with printmaking is to use it as an original creative medium. Monotypes offer a direct, spontaneous approach that can be enriched by a type of layering effect with successive runs through the press. Monotype is a medium I can confidently employ to create painterly effects that complement the linear qualities of a graphic process. While maintaining control over techniques is important I find the process of monotype allows for invention and discovery.

Selected Bookworks and Collaborative Projects: An Online Exhibition
bookworks and wearable texts, artistbooks by miriam schaer

girdle books | rules of engagement | baby dress books |

Kez van Oudheusden
Very nice site of Australian bookartist and bookbinder. mail Address: Graduate of the East Sydney Art School ~ Commercial Art. From Kez's resume: "I am a member of the Brisbane City Council's Local Festival and Cultural Grants committee. For the previous two years I was an executive member of Queensland Community Arts Network and member of the working party for Network News, the QCAN publication. My own practice includes bookbinding and I have exhibited and sold artists books through galleries within the Brisbane area as well as tutored bookbinding workshops in Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns. As a former freelance community artist I have an understanding of the problems faced within the arts community and am constantly endeavouring to ensure a secure arts base for community arts and cultural development in Queensland."
Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
  • Artist's books (1995 - present)
  • "A Child's World" monotypes (1987 - 1989)
  • Subway prints (1980 - 1983)
  • Links to other book arts and printmaking sites

Selected Bookworks and Collaborative Projects: An Online Exhibition
- Sarah's art emerges from layers of activity - an image is designed, then altered as it moves through a copier, altered again by hand, then enlarged on yet another copier. It is a process of tapestry making; the final surface has the presence and force of a tactile object. Instead of individual threads being woven together, planes are layered with a dancing density. Her work is highly individualized, a triumph of her perception over the mechanical processes which she explores. Sarah Jackson's art is exhibited internationally - Last year ('95) at the International Electrographic Copier Art Expo (Seoul, Korea) and Pioneer Women Copier Artists (Montreal). As Artist in Residence at TUNS (80's), she directed Art & Technology events: seminal exhibition for Halifax/London, "BOOKS BUILD BRIDGES". She was Artist/Curator of International Mail/Copier Art Festival ('92) Canadian Postal Museum in Museum of Civilization. This year ('96) her work will be exhibited in Hungary, Austria and Germany. Her bronze sculptures, drawings, and electrographic copier art are in the collections of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington, D.C.) and Montreal Museum of Fine Art, etc.
The Melville Press
a new small press specializing in limited edition. The site features CETUS, The Whale; an illustrated companion to Moby Dick. This handbound edition of 200 has been honored with a 1997 Rounce & Coffin Award for excellence in book design, and is currently touring the U.S. with the Western Books Exhibition.
John and Allison Brebner HOMEPRINT
John and Allison Brebner are teachers, printmakers, bookmakers and artists who have combined these talents with running a private art gallery.
"Our very first book was hand made for pupils of the school we were both teaching at in 1970, Sanson School. Since then we have gathered and restored a wide variety of letterpress printing and binding equipment that enables us to make art works. Over the years we have created about 20 different book editions. Apart from 13 Waves (Rachel McAlpine, illustrated by Michael Smither,) our books have been written, designed, illustrated, set, printed, bound and published by us. Our titles vary from childrens stories based on incidents relating to our children to adult books of poetry and family related events. Our binding started with using staples (1972), then drilling and sewing (1981) and finally French Letterpress binding (1984 onwards) using sections, cords and end papers. Editions have been as high as 200 numbered copies, down to editions of 25."
11 Sandilands Street,
New Zealand.
Telephone +64 (06) 3238046
Fax +64 (06) 3293126

The artworks shown are originals of Carmen Cano
ARTifACTs Artist's books, drawings boxes and poems, are living on these pages. They are waiting for you. Look at them. Water&Paper Water&Paper Water&Paper is a collection of works made with inks and pencil and hand-made paper.
(our mission is to bring the work of contemporary artists to the viewing public, whom we invite to explore our gallery).
Susan Hensel, artists books and literary sculpture
John de Pol., Woodengraver
everything and anything to do with the remarkable wood engraver John DePol is the subject of this website. As far as we're concerned, Mr. DePol is a living American treasure. In his 83rd year, John is keenly interested in the world of art and literature, and continues to create wood-engraved images of great beauty and serenity, principally for limited edition, hand-printed books. He lives in New Jersey with his friend and wife, Thelma.
The Little Farm Press
publishes limited edition hand-coloured Miniature Books and Miniature Etchings by Jane W. Conneen. The books are between 1 1/2" and 2 1/2", making them easily readable. Sometimes the text is only a short introduction to the illustrations, other times it is lengthier and interspersed with illustrations. However, the emphasis is always on the hand-coloured illustrations. The etchings run from 1" to 5" image sizes. Both books and etchings are inspired by garden, flower and herb subjects as well as travel to Ireland, England, France, Spain, and in the United States and Canada.
browse through 25 years of binding art. Many images, both thumbnail and large. Interesting site for those interested in the art of binding and printing.
List of artists book dealers
A ‘peaceful place on the Web’ for considering the work of Margaret Armstrong, American book designer. Showing some samples of her work.
Website featuring the work of Daniel Pelavin, Chairman of the Type Directors Club Annual Exhibition. Linked to sites of other graphic artists.
sculptural bindings. ("Since the scrolls of ancient Egypt, people have used images with text. The styles have evolved with changes in technology. Wood engraving, etching, lithography, and photography have been used to illustrate everything from travel books and encyclopedias to industrial product catalogs and scientific treatises. Contemporary artists discover new ways to express metaphors which are relevant to our era.:)
A few examples...
Bookblock (artists books section) University of Idaho Bookarts The Bookmaker Network is a collaborative electronic resource center for locating recently published writing about artist's books -READ-, viewing a revolving -GALLERY- of artist's bookworks, and for obtaining information on book arts bookmarks, places, and things -BOOKBLOCK-.

fellow-ship programm, application form for bookartists grants.
artists' books
James T.Downey. Legacy Art & BookWorks provides a number of other services including: Book Conservation and Repair, Handbinding & Handmade blank books, Decorated Papers, Instruction and workshops on a variety of topics, Weekly demonstrations.
Peter D. Verheyen's Book Arts Gallery
a selection. ("Exhibition designed to show the diversity of recent works by women book artists. The art of the book in the late twentieth century has come a long way from the artist's book of the early 1900's with traditional text and illustrations. In terms of both text and format, many innovative women are exploring the limits of what a book is, and the results of their efforts can be appreciated in this sampling. Space limitations required us to choose only eight artists. However, there are many other inspired books which are part of a permanent collection. Additional artists and additional works will be added to this online version of the exhibit.")
Artists Books, Kelly Stones' page.
Pat Baldwin's home page. Artistbooks, teaching facility for bookbinding, handmade paper, marbling... (" Like many developments in the history of avant garde, artist's books have emerged from a variety of influences which established an aesthetic foundation for these miniatures. The current generation of artists makes use of some of the basic structures of the codex and flies off into the blue for the finish. If my expressive art forms push ideas just beyond habitual limits, it is because I have quintessentially, rather than incidentally, elevated the genre: Book As Art.")
an exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and the Washington Project for the Arts. ("Artists can find inspiration in almost any subject, and science offers the artist an especially fertile field of exploration. Scientific images--views of the human body, sketches of remarkable inventions, charts of outer space--can be raw materials for an artist's imagination. And processes by which scientists make their discoveries are analogous to methods used by artists in their pursuit of solutions to creative problems. Both scientists and artists rely on close observation, experimentation, and innovative thinking for results. When scientists and artists communicate their discoveries through combinations of images and words, they establish a link between the two fields through the shared format of the book.")
works from the Kelmscott Press side by side with works by contemporary book artists, such as CLAIRE VAN VLIET, including limited editions, innovative binding structures, handmade paper, and one-of-a-kind books
The museum mainly organises temporary exhibitions dealing with subjects from the realms of design, visual communication, environment design, art, architecture, everyday culture, photography and the media. Research collection (accessible to professionals only, by appointment): Graphic Art collection (ornamental graphics, illustrated books, typography, calligraphy, artist's books and photography); Poster collection (approx. 200,000 international posters with emphasis on Soviet posters from the 1920's and 1930's; almost the entire poster works of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec; other examples from France, Germany, U.S.A, Poland and Japan); Design collection (serial products of the 20th century from the realms of work, living, leisure, environment and especially of Swiss design). Research library (art, crafts, design, architecture, visual communication, typography, script, film, photography, stage productions, art pedagogy).
Tanya DiMaggio's site: papermaker and bookartist, with MULTI-MEDIA BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOK AND PAPER ARTS FOR KIDS.
Book illustrator, Author, Publisher (Penmaen Press Books). McCurdy (1942) has illustrated over 100 hundred books. Woodengraving illustrations. Some of his work can be seen at ABBEY'S WEB: Earth Apples: The Poetry of Edward Abbey (1994).
Norman Sasowsky's research/creative activities encompass a variety of forms. As an introduction to this worka list is provided so that the viewer can select those areas which might be of interest.
Tom Killion's color woodcut prints of the California landscape are known throughout central and northern California for their bold forms and fluid lines. Using a technique derived from the Japanese ukiyo-e tradition, Killion has been producing woodcut, linocut and mixed-medium prints on his Quail Press in Santa Cruz since 1977. He has also produced four illustrated volumes of his own prose and poetry, including three on the landscape of central California, and an illustrated travel diary, Walls: A Journey Across Three Continents, depicting scenes from Europe and Africa. In the 1980's he collaborated with such luminaries of West Coast bookarts as William Everson and Adrian Wilson, and several of his own books have been reproduced as trade editions. Today, Killion's books are valued items in the fine press book market, and only a few copies of his most recent production, Walls, remain available for purchase (at the original price: $950). His work has been acquired by major fine press collections across the US and in Europe, including the British Museum and the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.

Bookart and Installations. Genie shenk was born in Montgomery, Alabama, and spent her childhood years in the southern United States. She attended college at Rice University in Houston where she majored in literature and received two graduate degrees. She began art studies in San Francisco and at the Art Students League in New York, continued at Palomar and Mira Costa Colleges in San Diego County, and in 1990 received an MFA from UCLA. She teaches color theory and book arts at the Athenaeum School of Arts and also at San Diego Mesa College, where she is co-founder of Mesa Arts Press. Her bookworks have been widely exhibited. She and her husband live in Solana Beach, California.
Printer and book artist, learned letterpress printing at The Woman's Building, Los Angeles, from Susan King. Worked for printer Patrick Reagh for a number of years during which time she began teaching classes at The Woman's Building in printing and book arts.

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