Statistics since 3--10-96


A little book made as a diary for two divorced people who
got married. The leather relief symbolises the two paths
of their lives that join together through a (brass) ring.

The game TANGRAM build in a box. This box contains
the actual play pieces, the manual, a notebloc and a
pencil. Made of black linen and black paper.

A guest-book
This book is huge; actually it's more like a table or an altar.
On this picture it is laying down but in the art center where it is placed
it is standing upright. At openings of exhibitions it is opened, forming two
tables with the book (500 x 500 mm) ready to receive written feed-back.
When not in use it is closed and forming a column of app. 2 metres high
The materials used are all old things: the wood comes from my own roof,
the parchment and paper from old books....

This book was made for a bookbindingcontest in Holland in 1988.
The book which had to be bound was called "In linnen gebonden",
"Bound in linen".